CPBob.com Weekly Deals

CPBob.com Weekly Deals


Nutrex New Product Launch

OutLift Amped: 350MG Caffeine, 3.2g Beta-Alanine, and 8g Citrulline Malate!
OutLift Concentrate: 400MG Caffeine + Sodium Nitrates (Pump)
Amino Charger + Hydration: 6g BCAA and 2.5g hydration (Coconut, and electrolytes)
Amino Charger + Energy: 6g BCAA and 500mg Energy (Caffeine, Teacrine)

Intro Pricing on New Products:
Outlift Amped --> $39.99 - 20% off = $31.99
Outlift Concentrate --> $29.99 - 20% off = $23.99
Amino + Hydration --> $26.99 - 20% off = $21.60
Amino + Energy --> $26.99 - 20% off = $21.60



Purple Haze Bang
Drops Tonight @ CPBob.com


Is $22.40 a Box still valid ?


Yes it is! Shot you a PM


New Giveaway is up until Friday!

Make a $30 Purchase
Live in the U.S.
Email your invoice.

I will draw 3-5 winners on Friday at 5 PM!

Post is on IG (@Bkupniewski)

Man Mystery Amino + Pink Lemonade is BACK!


New Items:

ON Protein Almonds

Celsius Heat New Flavors + 14 Free Packets


Are these just dipped in protein or something? Not really sure how else you’d make an almond high protein.



Cool sounds awesome!


or spend way less and by some tasty blue diamond almonds. sorry Bob i think this is a dud of a product.


Tell that to ON not me. I did not make them, nor are we the only place that carries them . ON has never been top tier in regards to flavoring Or innovation IMO. They have just dominated the international market first, so people will buy for convenience. Like you I mostly pack Whole Foods and limit whey and bars, for some on the go they enjoy it .


your thread, and sales, and i agree ON’s flavors are crap


Honey roasted almonds are literally cocaine


Wasabi & Soy Sauce is my current fav


I like the Habanero BBQ almonds


Pre Workout of the Month Club

How it Works;
Every month you will get sent a random pre workout based off the following:

You pick from each category
Stim Tolerance

  • High
  • Low


  • Sour
  • Sweet

What is the benefit?

  • Many people like trying new products and pre workouts, here is a chance to get a random pre once a month (or whatever subscription you select)

  • You can get pre workouts that retail upward to $40 for almost half the cost

  • Be able to try the latest and greatest products to hit CPBob.com



Is there a minimum guaranteed value on the products you get? This would be interesting for protein powders as well.


Totally Random.
You pick Sour/Sweet for Flavor and High Stim//Low Stim for Stim Tolerance. It then generates a PRE based off that.


Are you able to tell us the pool from which the selection is made?


It is 100% random from any pre workout off the page given your selection of stim tolerance and flavor.

Hence why it says in the directions

  • Choose how often (Date for suscription)
  • Choose your caffeine tolerance and flavor
  • Sit back/relax --> Meaning they send a random pre-workout

Again it could be a $25 pre-workout, it could be a $40 pre-workout. It is just random.