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This Weeks early Deal:

FREE Expedited Shipping (2 Day) on all orders under 15lbs
15% off ProSupps HydroBCAA + FREE 6-Pack MyBars

Coupon Code: BCAA

If you are looking to pick up anything else I always have 10% off coupon codes
I also have coupon codes if you are placing a $75+ order for $20 off

Any Questions Email me:

Giveaway will be coming shortly after XMAS

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Best Deal for Bangs Online
2 Cases are $37.80 ($18.90 a Case)

Currently FREE Expedited Shipping with orders under 15lbs

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Weekend Deals @ CPBob.com

Rule 1 Whey - $19 / 2lb Container

Stim Free Bangs IN STOCK

Citrus Twist Bang ($20.50 A Case) Since this is a new flavor it is NOT in the Bang Bang Stack yet (Same with Champagne) -----> First Online Retailer to STOCK THIS FLAVOR Besides GNC (Exclusive Store) Cases are over $25

Bang Bang Stack (2 Cases Bang for $39.89)
NO3 Chrome Powder ($14.25 / Container)
PES White Chocolate Mint (Still in Stock but going fast)

Coupon Code: GREEN5

Flash Giveaways:

  1. Today is the last day I will cover FREE Shipping on all orders over $50
    Forward me your invoice and I will paypal you $6.99

  2. I have a $20 off Coupon for ONE order over $75.
    First person who wants to order Email me back (individually) with your final
    order and cost. I will then send you the code before checking out.

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GNC actuly does stock it as well on their store

It was a GNC Exclusive, now it is not. CPBob.com is the only online retailer besides the exclusive that carries it, not even VPX Direct.

They charge $25.99 a case, I beat that by over $5

Yes but the original statement is still wrong as you didn’t specify “besides GNC”.

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Edited for you. I personally would never shop online at GNC, I would only go in there to look at the clearance rack. The prices are just way too damn high.

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Same, the clearance has had a few good deals for me but all of the RTD’s I’ve gotten from them have a horrid plasticy taste.

20% off Entire Site

Code: 2018

For this FORUM ONLY: If you make a $75 order I will paypal you your shipping in return ($6.99)

Email all invoices to Bkupniewski@gmail.com

VPX Bang: $17 A Case!!! Lowest Price you will ever find. $1.40 a Can


Xtend Elite - $32/Tub
Xtend - $20 / Tub
Iso Amino - $16/Tub
Iso Amino Coffee Creamer - $16/Tub


C4 Ripped - $32 / Tub
Isatori Morph - $32 / Tub
C4 - $24 / Tub (30 Serving) $39 / Tub (60 Serving)
Dymatize Pre - $29.50 / Tub

Scivation Quake - $24 (20 Scoop) / $39 (40 Scoops)
PES Prolific - $24 / Tub


PES High Volume - $24 / Tub
Purus Noxygen - $16 / Tub
Scivation Quake Non-Stim : $24 / Tub (20 Scoop)
PES Ergonine - $24 / Tub


PES Select - $24 / 2lb Tub , $44.80/ 4lb Tub
Rule 1 - $21.30 / 2lb Tub, $45 / 5lb Tub
Cellucor Whey - $24 / 2lb Tub , $48 / 4lb Tub
Purus Labs MyoFeed - $24 / 2lb Tub

Protein Bars:

Quest - $20 / Box
Oh Yeah One - $20 / Box
Quest Hero - $16.79 / Box
ProSupps My Bar - $21.50/Box

Quest Cookies in Stock
$20 a Box (They sell for $24 Direct)

CODE: 2018

New Giveaway:

4 Winners Picked Saturday
Make at least $30 Order
Be in the US
Email me your invoice

New Stacks

PM for an additional discount code
I have 1 code for $20 off a $75 purchase left!

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Deals this Week:

$15 for a 2lb Rule 1 Whey Blend

  • Purchase a 2018 Build or Burn Stack and you can add the whey for $15 (Retails $22/Tub)

2018 Build - $54 → Fuel PRE / EFX BCAA / Cellucor Creatine
2018 Burn - $39.99 → CLA / Carnitine / MAN Scorch

Bang Bang Stack - 2 Cases for $39.50 ($1.60/Can)

Get Ripped or Die Trying - $72 (Iso-100 / Xtend Ripped / Hyde Cutz Pre)

Watch Me Lift - $63 (Whey / Outlift Pre-Workout / Hydro BCAA)

Fit Life Stack - $49 (Whey / Quake Pre-Workout / Creatine)

New Products:
Quest Protein Cookies - $22/Box (Oatmeal Raisin & PB The Best)

Discount Codes:
STACKED10 = 10% off (Minimum $50 Purchase)

2-$10 Off Coupons … First come first serve (Minimum $75 Purchase)
2-$20 Off Coupons … First come first serve ((Minimum $75 Purchase)

If you want a $10/$20 off coupon You will have to email me your final order

  • Products
  • Flavors
  • Quantity

I will then generate you the coupon to apply to your order.

If you have ANY Questions please email me back (individually), and I will help you get your order squared away.


Hyde Potion in Stock
RTD Similar to Bang
$23.40 for 16 Cans ($1.40/Can) Much Cheaper then Bang with a similar formula

So a good breakdown for Bang and Power Potion

Both contain

  • bcaa
  • coq10
  • vitamin b6/b12

Bang ~ $1.66ish (Pending your deals you can find)-$3 Can (Gym and local stores)
-stronger carbonation

  • 300mg caffeine
  • Creatine

Power Potion — $1.45/Can (intro pricing) —> $1.54 (Without discount code) to $3 ( Local B&M Stores & Gym))

  • citrulline
  • 350mg caffeine
  • LCLT
  • teacrine
  • choline

Power Potion will have stronger // longer lasting energy aspect and less carbonation
Bang less caffeine, added creatine, and stronger carbonation

Last day of Intro Sale on Hyde Power Potion for $23.40 a Case (16 cans) Which is $1.45/Bottle.

Taste Wise:
Purple Mist → Diet Purple Fanta Replica
Island Punch → Koolaid Spinoff
Cherry Cola → 7/11 Slushie and Diet Cherry Coke Mixture

Email For Coupon Code: Bkupniewski@gmail.com

Is that R1 deal still going? Never had R1 protein and heard good and average ratings on it. Wanted to try it and for $15, if it sucks it’s not a big deal.

Yes it is sir.
You can email with any questions!

New Stack Added:
“Frenemies Stack” Including:
1 Case Hyde Power Potion
1 Case Bang

$44.99 —> Discount Takes it to $42.75
$1.52 Can (Intro on Hyde was $1.45) but this gives you the flexibility of Bang & Hyde.

Currently there is only a few flavors of Bang included on it, but more will pop up as the week goes along. Winter Blast Power Potion is now in stock (Stack Only)

Flavors of Hyde:

Winter Blast → White Monster
Purple Mist → Purple Diet Fanta
Cherry Cola → Diet Cherry Coke & 7/11 Slushie Mixture
Island Punch → Kool-Aid Knock off

How does Bang & Hyde Differ!?

Both contain:

  • bcaa
  • coq10
  • vitamin b6/b12


  • stronger carbonation
  • 300mg caffeine
  • Creatine (Pump, Performance, Strength)

Power Potion:

  • citrulline (Pump , Delay Lactic Acid Build Up)
  • LCLT (Recovery)
  • 350mg caffeine
  • teacrine (Extended Caffeine Half Life)
  • choline (Longer Lasting and Smooth Energy)
  • Less Carbonation (Settles Easier)

Giveaway going Live Tomorrow - Saturday:

Rules are very straight forward:

  1. Live in the U.S.
  2. Make at least a $30+ Order
  3. Forward me your invoice

Up for Grabs:

  • 9 Full Sized Products
  • T-Shirt
  • Hats
  • Swag Bag
  • Coupons
  • Samples (Protein Bar’s)

On Saturday I will use a number generator and select multiple winners (At least 3).
Winners will be tagged on Instagram (@Bkupniewski) and also via email once I get in touch with them. I will use your invoice # and email address to contact you (Your mailing info is on your invoice).

Buy Hyde Power Potion and get 6 MY Bar’s Free
$23.40 / Case = $1.45 A Can.

Absolutely CRAZY Cheap Deal

Sinister Labs 20% off Intro Sale on entire Line

SinFit Bars are $22.40 a Box
Amazon Sells for $33/Box
Sinister Direct is $37/Box

Best Price online!

My Personal Order

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