COVID-19 Check In

COVID-19 Check In

I’ve heard similar stories from a few people. @Mike had a pretty hard sick time in early december

Thank you.

We’re not 100% sure that it was Corona, but honestly I’m kind of hoping it was. That would mean that they survived it and are set. It could also mean that I had it as I was around them, and didn’t get sick. That the best case scenario of course. They could have just had a flu/bad cold and can still catch Corona. Either way, it would be nice to be able to go to their house and not worry about spreading anything I may catch.


seen and heard a lot of stories of people being sick back in December and January, scary times, stay safe brother.


Glad everyone’s doing allright in here.

It was actually NOVEMBER for me. I was told it was “allergies”, but I tell you, allergies have never given me a cough like that. I actually went to the doctor, a rarity for me. I had phlegm coming out like you couldn’t believe.

My wife also had “bronchitis” twice (Jan and Feb), and my brother in Ohio got a respiratory infection in January that nearly put him in the hospital but urgent care was good enough to get him fixed up.

I’ve had TONS of conversations with people with similar stories. Something crazy went around this winter and it wasn’t “influenza” or allergies.

I have my theories on what’s really going on, and surprise surprise, I believe MSM, WHO, CDC, government, etc are all lying through their teeth about what really happened / is happening.

We’ll see come this month (April). Things are hitting full-speed.


How do you feel about 5G?

Heard some interesting stories about outbreaks like these coinciding with the time/location of new technology such as radio, 4g, etc and Wuhan was the first blanket location for 5G

I feel like I want to send you a tinfoil hat

I’m way more concerned about privacy with 5G but I’m open to hearing more on the outbreak coincidence

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Got fortunate with this 2nd hand Yukon bench back in November. Designed to move bar support from wide to narrow for dips. Don’t really care for the leg extention but bench is decline up to military press.

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I have done zero research. Seems to be many who don’t like it or the surveillance it will bring though

There seems to be conspiracy that has renewed itself with 5G. The stronger the radio signal, the more people love to think radioactive or ionizing radiation… Which has nothing to do with viruses.