Controlled Labs White Flash - 2 for $19.99

Controlled Labs White Flash - 2 for $19.99



Ugh. Can’t resist. Haven’t tried this yet but have heard lots of good.


yeah, this profile looks great and i’ve heard nothing but good things.


I like it and used it today…I would say that the only issue I have with it -and perhaps it’s just me…is consistency…I don’t get the same ‘feel from it’ every workout…tolerance seems to build up quickly…But again that might just be me


I rotate preworkouts enough that I probably wouldn’t notice that, but that’s an interesting observation! I wonder what about it does that.


I honestly wish I knew. I rotate Pre’s as well…and will use this once and love it…then use it again 2 days later and the result is ‘eh’…I don’t have that with Ghost nor others…MegaPre (Non stim) was consistent (Black is en route)…Very interesting though…again…it could be just me


That happened to me with Total War sample packets, but knowing what we know now about DMHA production QA, that’s probably because half the time I was getting rice flour and half the time I was getting methamphetamines.


So what you are saying is that it’s Walter White’s fault?


Like every other problem in life, yes.


Do you weigh your scoops?


Never…I scoop and go…


Could be the reason why you get uneven workouts, but I also cycle pre workouts


I try to scoop the same amount…but I hear ya.


Great deal for a great pre!


Interesting, variances in what you had eaten or perhaps hydration maybe?


That’s a factor for me. Sleep quality plays a big part in whether or not I get anything out of a pre too


Oh I’m sure that is a part of it…


Couldn’t agree more, I try to get 8-9 hours of sleep a night. If I dip below 7, my overall performance in the gym is so badly impacted that it’s barely worth going


Just as a heads up, could be a coincidence, but about an hour after I placed my order for this I got about $3000 of fraudulent activity on my debit card. I haven’t used that card to buy anything else online in quite some time.


That’s why I use for online orders