Controlled Labs White Flash - 2 for $19.99

Controlled Labs White Flash - 2 for $19.99


Yeah, first time this has ever happened to me!


It’s a good thing you caught that!!!


Fraud Prevention and Card Services stay winnin’.

It was pretty easy for them to figure out I did not buy $3,000 worth of “adult activities” and plane tickets on the east coast at 11:00 this morning, not least of all because I do not have $3,000 in my bank account.


What’d you buy?


From SupplementHunt? Two White Flash for $19.99.

What did the coward, who stole my card number and clearly does not fear being killed with a giant sword, by me, buy? Two cruises and a bunch of stuff at nebulously named places like “Recreational Retreats” and “Adult Pleasures.” Fortunately my credit union blocked all of this.