Company reps, what is your company's best product in your opinion?

Company reps, what is your company's best product in your opinion?


Tell us your favorite product and explain why, what sets it apart from other products in the category? What is it useful for? ect
Interested to hear the answers.

Company reps, In your opinion what is your company's weakest product?

Quite looking forward to this one I must say, great question


Great question! Following…


There are a couple that I don’t think have a particularly standout product, which makes me curious as to their response


Nitrotech Gold Van. Funnel Cake (filler free and tastes amazing with cinnamon)
So far, the only protein that makes 2 cups of oatmeal daily bearable :wink:


My man

Question how is the snicker doodle flavor? I’ve been wanted to get something in that flavor but most of the proteins with that flavor are pricey and I don’t want to get something meh.


On behalf of Muscle-Elements, tough call as it depends on your goals. As we have a little something for everyone.

If you held a gun to my head, would prob say Amino Pm as it was the first sleep aid/BCAA formula to market. In using supplements for over 20 yrs, it is the first product that does not leave me zombiefied/hungover in the morning aside from the general Melatonin or valerian root usage

For me personally, I sleep less BUT feel awake when I use Amino PM vs nights I don’t. 6 - 7 hrs using Amino PM vs 8+ on non nights…

I know a few of the logs on here have been very positive including reviews from @Mike and @CJ


This is one of the companies whose answer I was especially interested in. Figured it would be AminoPM or AmiNO Flow.


MRE is RedCon1’s best product! Since the launch MRE itself has been a game-changer in meal replacement. Now with the launch of MRE Lite (less carbs!) and MRE Bar…the sky is the limit!

For me, I have completely replaced my post workout scoop of protein with a half a serving (2 scoops) of regular MRE. Ill be implementing MRE Lite when I get it in this week in place of MRE when my tub reaches the end.


Agreed, actually!

If you’ve tried them all, what’s your favorite flavor? I only ever had the blueberry cobbler, but it was :ok_hand:


Tried blueberry cobbler, sweet potato pie and apple pie. I have a tube of Blueberry Cobbler Lite on the way but last tub I got was Apple Pie. Extremely intrigued with Key Lime Pie!


@Anthony again it was a tough one as almost every product we have out was a first in category

Our PreCre was the first Pre Workout to add a carb source, our Amino Flow was first BCAA/Pump Product and we were 2nd or 3 rd to offer full disclosure protein powder. Not bragging, just stating.

We have 2 new products we are working in that will be game changers later this year.

As stated previously we appreciate all the support.

@mattceno actually have the new MRE key lime on order, looking forward to this.


Oh no, now you have me excited. Be sure to drop some clues as to what we’re getting as soon as you’re allowed!


Hard to pick for sure.

But I’ve probably gotta go with Joint Support XT.

Most of you who know me know that I’m no shill, but I don’t think you’ll find a comparable product, with comparable patented fully dosed ingredients that go after multiple mechanisms of action, in an open formula, at anywhere near the price.


Nutrabio? @Extrabeef your thoughts?


From a sales standpoint it’s the CBD oil, capsules and cream

From my point of view it’s the Muscle Delight, can’t go wrong with a good tasting protein.


I have not used CBD oil as if yet and hope it does well but I fear it is a matter of time before the FDA comes knocking


from a personal standpoint, SizeOn, just been using it for 5 plus years now, and i do not see myself ever using another intra. with plasmaJet being a close 2nd.


PJ is #1 for me followed by SizeOn


SizeOn Maximum Performance… as of now. :slight_smile: