Common Bench Press Mistake, & How To Fix It

I’ve always used the suicide grip on the following
BB bench presses
Smith, Hammer Strength or machine bench and military

Sometime I try a closed grip on any of those above and they just feel weird.

I always close the grip (but still don’t always have a perfect kinetic chain – gotta workout on that)… but for whatever reason put me on a Hammer Strength and my grip is open 100%.

I’ve switched to DB presses as of late, hence close grip and have felt good contraction. So there’s that. Haha

Look ma, no thumbs!
Closed grip is definitely a better option, but I can’t seem to comfortably do it. I just wrap my wrists tight af and hit the suicide grip.

I used to always do a closed grip because everyone said the open grip was dangerous. Later in life, I switched to open grip. When I wrap my thumb around, it actually pushes the bar higher in my hand which causes the problem they’re trying to “fix”. Keeping my grip open puts the bar lower in my palm and more in line with my forearms. Also, I squeeze the living crap out of the bar. So there’s no danger for me.

The true “suicide” grip!

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