Cns labgrade approved update

So to anyone that had been following me and my current proccess of creating the CNS LABGRADE pre workout thank you so much for the support and patience throughout this all.

FINALLY the label has been approved by Compound Solutions and am just waiting on the last company to approve the label as well.

If anyone would like proof too i will pm you also.

Once these approvals are done which im hoping will be by the end of this week, we will be OFFICALLY going into production.

I thank everyone for the support and understanding. This will be well worth the wait.

Trust me i am super antsy as well lol.

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask!

Here is a pic of the new label too :slight_smile:


You should write a post on the process of going about starting a supplement company. The struggles you run into, the process of locating specific ingredients, etc. I’m super interested in reading about it but seems like everyone is so hush hush about it.


Great idea ! :slight_smile:

Friend of mine won the giveaway on Instagram, he’s excited to try!

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Also, and this is verrrrry small. Methylliberine has 2 L’s, but the label has only 1

Better yet, perhaps a PP interview on the youtubes if they would be up for it? :smiley:


I’m actually pretty interested in this as well! I would love to hear about it

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Wow great catch man thank you

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That would probably be a lot more genuine tbh

I am looking to do that once the product launches :slight_smile: