Clinical Liver health Liverubin in USA!

I wanted to share the formula with (3) published clinical registry’s that include 602 human subjects, Liverubin is searchable by name and the results were amazing!
AlchemLife is launching this Phytoceutical into the USA this September!
The active ingredient is called silymarin. It protects your liver from insults such as excessive consumption of alcohol, ibuprofen, steroid hormones, birth control pills (for the ladies), solvents, heavy metals and even some supplements. Silymarin also speeds recovery of the liver once damaged by hepatitis and cirrhosis.
But Liverubin is not average Silymarin
Liverubin is made using Alchem International’s specific proprietary extraction process PhytoAdvance Technology and exclusive high dispersion tableting process
I plan on doing a early launch for PP forum next week so stay tuned

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I’m interested. I’ve been taking Milk Thistle for years.

You should try tudca. I believe its a better supplement than milk thistle.


Ooh, never heard of that one. Looks like there’s some results with it!

Though I’m not taking these for liver health per se, Betaine and Choline are also in my daily stack. I’m also eating a crap ton of cruciferous veggies as part of my keto experiment. So I unintentionally have a pretty good “liver stack” going on :laughing:.

Tudca is part of my regiment now during my cycle.

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