Citrulline Wars

Citrulline Wars


Hello guys, new to the forum. I have seen there is a lot of knowledge here. What do you guys think is better? Citrulline alone or citrulline malate (2:1)?
Like 6G Citrulline vs 8G Citrulline Malate vs 6G Citrulline Malate. Thanks!


Take a look at this thread for some good info


Thanks, thats some good info. At the end of the day CM in supplements might not be what was used in studies, crazy.


not tho mention it’s easier to take 3-4g of citrulline than 6-8g of citrulline malate


I don’t necessarily agree. Citrulline has a noticeable bitterness to it that the malic acid in the Malate blend masks nicely.

Citrulline into Gatorade makes it taste weird, citrulline malate into it makes it taste nice and tart.


Opt for more citrulline first.

BUT if you are doing 6g “citrulline malate 2:1” (which is really gonna be 4g citrulline blended with 2g malic acid) vs 4g L-Citrulline alone, take the 6g 2:1 citrulline malate, because that malic acid may have benefits in the krebs cycle and will improve taste.

But 6g citrulline vs 8g citrulline malate, as in your example? You’re getting more citrulline with the 6g straight.


Ok thanks for the reply! I was wondering and maybe you guys might know, how many studies used 8 Grams of Citrulline Malate vs 6 Grams? It seems it is becoming the new norm in newer pre-workouts as is 6 Grams of Citrulline and everyone uses the same study on the impact 8G Citrulline Malate had one lower body strength. Is there a significant difference 6G vs 8G Citrulline Malate in your opinion? On another note, do you think we will see 10 Grams of one or the other in a year? Just a rant, its crazy that half of almost every pre-workout is Citrulline or Citrulline Malate.


The stuff is so cheap in bulk. Just buy a bag and top off whatever pre you got to make it 8 g :smiley:!


what do you prefer, citrulline or citrulline malate?


Malate, easier to flavor


Agreed. It’s so cheap, just get the malate (2:1). The malic acid adds a nice sourness to your pre. This is what I buy. $30 will give you 125 8-gram doses; so $0.24 per serving.


Long story short, I think 6-8g 2:1 Citrulline Malate may be way to go. You can probably get away with 4-5g if on a strict budget?