Christian Guzman's Ghost Legend V3 Brings Low-Tingle Beta Alanine?!

Christian Guzman's Ghost Legend V3 Brings Low-Tingle Beta Alanine?!

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Christian Guzman no longer gives you the tingles!!! Not in this universe!! As the summer months approach, most of us search for ways to cool off, relax, and enjoy some downtime. Not Ghost, and certainly not Christian Guzman! Instead, they’re responding to the heat by staying hot themselves. By firing… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

According to Dan on IG, this will cost $40 when using a discount code like PRICEPLOW

I find it hard to believe it will be the same price as a 30 serving legend ($45 + 20% OFF Discount) when its a LE Item and 20 servings. Could be wrong until we see them launch it Thursday


Maybe the logic is to use less servings, to compensate for price. Who knows - but I agree with your thought process, Bob.

I could see it as possible when comparing to another massive scoop pre like @NutraBio

Their 20 serving tub retails for $60 but is always available on their website for $40

Ghost would retail for $50 and the discount code brings it down to $40.

If all this is true, they are not charging much of a premium for the CG name and LE status.

I am curious to see how people respond to the Carnoprime. That could be a make or break situation for some.

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Im eager to see how I respond, because the idea of downing 6.2g of beta-alanine at once gives me the shivers… not the tingles.

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Hoping @Anthony wins the contest. He should be able to handle the BA no problem and let us know

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Don’t be mad PricePlow - but code “FRUITYPEBBLES” gets 25% off on ghost’s website.


Remember: it’s not copyright infringement if no one knows about it!

Haha. Mine arrived today - so review will be posted tonight!

***edit: couldn’t get to the post office until today. Ran this for my chest and shoulder work it and to my surprise, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

The beta-alanine drove my endurance through the roof. Great pump and focus. More to come!

@Matt_Towson did you weigh out your scoops? Mine come out to about 10 grams, so really 3 scoops are needed to get the full 31 gram serving


That would make me want to weigh out the tub too.


Yeah good point. I’ll definitely do that too

Interesting. Keep us updated with the tub weight

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I will weigh them out tonight. Apologies - I’ve been delayed getting this review out. I will say that I like the product but I need to do a deep dive. Weight per serving will def be included now.

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No worries. I’ve actually used it twice now and I’m a big fan of it too. It appears you have a decent relationship with them, so if it is a widespread issue I figured you would have a better chance at getting a response from them. I believe I heard in one of their videos that they were using their amino tubs for this run, so I wonder if they included the amino scoops as well? That’s the only thing logical explanation I could come up with, but even still that is a pretty big oversight.

Edit: I looked up the Ghost Amino serving size on GNC and it is 10.8 grams, so I’m assuming that is what happened here. Ghost seems to be pretty thorough from what I’ve seen so this is surprising to me. I’ll update on the tub weight either tonight or tomorrow

ghost amino label.pdf (473.6 KB)

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I know they were concerned with the “clumping” issue… perhaps that distribution of the ingredients leads to a lighter scoop? No clue - best bet is to test it myself tonight and then I’ll text Dan if there is an issue. He always owns up to an issue.

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Yeah I considered that as well at first considering the doses of alpha gpc and glycerpump, but then again I’ve used several products with 4-5 grams of hyrdomax/glycerpump and I don’t believe i’ve ever run into a scoop this far off before. I’m pretty sure now that the problem is they included the amino scoopers, but it’ll interesting to see Dan’s response.

I had this issue with hypermax xt version from 2017 when i reviewed it. I had to compress the powder into the scoop for the full 14g dosage