Chemix Pre-Workout V3: Guerilla Chemist's High-Energy Pre Rises Again!

Originally published at: Chemix Pre-Workout V3: Guerilla Chemist’s High-Energy Pre Rises Again!

It’s been a long time coming, but everyone’s favorite underground chemist, The Guerilla Chemist, has finally dropped the latest version of his hit pre-workout supplement, Chemix Pre-Workout V3! Anyone who’s into aggressive pre-workout supplements will take notice of this one! Chemix Pre V3: Formulations Gone Guerrilla Chemix Pre-Workout V3 is… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

$50 for 20 servings
9g of active and 5.5g of fillers
Prop Blend



Yea, but he’s got a degree in chemistry… and he works out, so you have to pay double


I am going to have to debate you on that. First of all Erythritol is not a filler it is a sweetening sugar alcholol it is not as sweet as many other sweeteners hence the larger amount of other ingredients in this product. Second of all the price mainly comes from the MASSIVE dose of kanna in this product. The best price for this standardization of kanna that I could find is: a bottle containing 1.5g which costs 18 U.S dollars (not counting shipping) you get 1g of high quality kanna in a single scoop in Chemix pre which is actually about 12.51 US worth of kanna per scoop. Kanna also happens to taste like barbeque making any formulation that contains it need some extra flavoring hence the 5.5g. I could go on…

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Well that’s certainly unique. BBQ flavored preworkout anyone?


Joined just to say that :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:. Bryan is that you?

So if you are not all about the Kanna, this product is an easy pass?

I would enjoy that actually…I’m weird like that

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He has a degree in Chemistry and can’t even get the standardization of his rhodiola right. I’ve heard conflicting responses from him and from a seller who claims to have seen the COA to check. :wink:

Or read the dosing protocol from a lion’s mane study properly. :wink:

Barlowe’s has 24g of top-quality extract for $16.95. And I know where they source it from, and it’s not nearly as expensive as people often make it out to be. Zembrin itself is crazy expensive, but comparable extracts with equal standardization can be found for much cheaper.

This will be an ongoing debate on the formula, but people don’t have to buy it if they don’t agree with it. I could go into how I’ve seen COA’s be completely false or fabricated or the Chemist could in fact be wrong. Human error is possible from either side

My point is there’s no good reason not to list the rhodiola standardization on the label. It’s one of the most studied herbal ingredients on the market; there’s no secret standardization. The confusion further raises flags as to the quality of the extract.

Buy Barlowe’s kanna, find your sweet spot with it, add it to a better PWO. Profit. :slight_smile:

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@muscleupcrohn WOW! That is a great find. I have been long time user of Zembrin capsules I open about 4 or 5 capsules and poor them in my mouth. Very expensive. I was unaware yiu could kanna that cheap. I don’t entirely trust the company as much as doctor’s best.

Also I will admit the chemist did do a pretty sloppy job with the labeling. Missed quite a few spaces and listed rauwolscine 90% instead of rauwolfia vomitoria extract (90% rauwolscine).

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It’s sourced from Aftigetics. It’s the same extract OL and some other top-tier companies use.


Alpha Y. Any form of Y, I’m out…and disappointed.
Runs down the hallway crying*


Hey isnt isopropylnorsynephrine banned like AMP Citrate? Cause its Betaphrine or whatever?

I thought it was but it seems it hasn’t really been enforced

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Last time I checked PJ is known to underdosed his products and he claims that on his youtube because he states people take too much of what is needed. So either the chemist is an asset to that formulation, or just because he has own line now his magical prop blend is well-Dosed.

The guy does not add up one bit.
He even claims on social media his pre has 350mg caffeine but can’t release it on a label. Waiting for some gym bro to double scoop and take 700mg caffeine plus yohimbine and have their HR go through the roof .

Whaaaaat? Who would do that? Can’t possible think of anyone who may try that. Definitely not myself