Chemix Pre-Workout V3: Guerilla Chemist's High-Energy Pre Rises Again!

“we’re drooling for more formulations like this”

Disappointed reading this from PP.


Agreed here, especially for a prop blend.

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I do remember seeing that James states the label had a couple of errors on it, one being the caffeine wasn’t disclosed like it should have been. As for the other stuff, who knows in all honesty.

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I’ve used enough of his products to know they’ve been effective, but I can definitely see the concern

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I love PricePlow, but they completely contradicted their entire philosophy they’ve wrote entire articles about here.


And speaking for myself, prop blends aren’t an instant turnoff for me…

But I do like to know caffeine content at the very least (glad they disclosured it), I think it’s the whole “hey it’s me, so you know it’s good” or some of his smug replies on IG has completely turned me off from him and his brand.

But that’s just me…


Exactly. Someone with a degree in an actual science like him should know how fallacious his logic is. PhD researchers have to defend their claims and decisions with facts and evidence; but he doesn’t because he has a Master’s degree? Lol.

You know how dumb most gym goers are that don’t understand formulas or
Ingredients … new preworkout yeah I’ll 2 scoop it, and then they could be rushed to the ER with their heart wanting to explode from 700mg of caffeine plus however much Y there may be.

I mean if you want someone to specalize in prop blends I am sure BPI is hiring


Most of the “magic” in the formula is probably from the isoprolynorsynephrine and alpha yo


Yeah. The caffeine better be listed somewhere on the tub, if not actually in the blend.

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And even if it was a mistake and should have been listed, then fix it. Someone who prides themselves on science and their education should know the importance of proof-reading and not submitting/publishing/etc. something without doing so.

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At least Mike discloses when his post or reviews are sponsored, so it makes it easier for me to completely disregard his opinion. I know it’s tough, this is a business and most companies don’t pay for honest opinions. But yea, there was a lot more cheese in that blog post than usual.

Yeah. I don’t really read the blog posts anymore because they’re all just sponsored rave reviews–not bashing Mike, I fully understand that C.R.E.A.M. It just used to be a lot more honest opinions and industry call-outs, which were more enjoyable to read, but no one pays for call-outs.

Wasn’t that in relation to dosing it for women/dosing it at a level where you can take multiple capsules?

Points well taken in this thread. I enjoy the nootropic effects of this. Isopropyl is super hot for me when training or doing even simple cardio. Taste is what you’d expect with this much mushrooms.

Just because it’s a prop blend doesn’t mean it’s a bad formula though. Clearly not for everyone, and I would support legislation making prop blends illegal, but I’m still willing to try something like this from a guy like Guerilla, whether or not it’s open formula. Can’t say I’ve ever had 1g kanna before this.

Honest question, and I know I’m grilling him at this point, but why does he get a pass when other companies/formulators don’t? For example, his newest intra-workout product, which is open-label, has more than one questionable dose. The 1/3 of the studies daily dose of HICA, and the 1/2 of the lowest studied daily dose of d-ribose. He then said “well, the studies used split dosing.” So what, I’m supposed to take this $3/serving product 3x per day and get crazy doses of carbs; creatine, etc.? Or I’m supposed to buy bulk HICA and d-ribose to use on my off days? Then why would I even buy this if I have to buy bulk anyway, which is cheaper. Not to mention that Cooper used a full 1.5g bolus dose of HICA in Ergonine, and I trust Coop over GC every day of the week and twice on Sunday. He never even claimed that the doses in his product would have any effect on their own, making them useless for the vast majority of people using the product.

Plus I’ve seen multiple accounts of GC’s posts where he forgets to mention that the studies he references used more than one dose, which makes it seem like the dose he’s using is the full studied dose when it’s not.

If you want to try a high dose of kanna, just go to Barlowe’s and buy their caps. It’s 500-600mg/cap, and it’s the same very high quality extract a lot of brands like OL use. Very affordable too. :slight_smile:

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I 100% agree on HICA. We haven’t written about that yet, and being a non-carber right now we might not. I’d love to see HICA vs. HMB… but at the end of the day, may as well just eat the equivalent value of leucine!!

There’s nothing at all in this Chemix Pre Workout formula that I feel is underdosed. And if it is, it’s isopropylnorsynephrine which is a good thing because I don’t want the ‘max dose’ whatever that may be. It makes me sweat enough as is.

DMAE could be the only question mark on this label.

The bigger concern is if you want a “one scoop wonder” you’re not going to get it because there’s no NO boosters, it’s just GlycerPump. So then you’d need to buy “Chemix Stim-Free” or whatever they end up calling it, which really adds to the bill.

But this formula as is, is fun. May end up getting that bulk Kanna discussed here.

Back to your post, sadly regarding Ergonine, that product is discontinued. Folks just don’t buy those all-in-one ergogenics, despite @TheSolution’s attempts to single-handedly keep them in business!!

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Isn’t the entire point of HICA, assuming it pans out and isn’t just a one-study-wonder, that if provide anti-catabolic effects BEYOND OR IN ADDITION TO what you get from sufficient protein intake, which should also mean sufficient leucine intake? The human study on HICA noted that subjects had fairly high protein intake, and that the effects of HICA were likely not just attributed to what could be expected from more protein or leucine.

We know that supplemental leucine won’t do anything intra-workout if you ate a meal with 3-5g leucine in a reasonable time pre-WO and will have another one within a reasonable time post-WO. It’s believed that HICA should provide anti-catabolic benefits in this instance, even in the presence of sufficient protein intake.

TL;DR: if the authors of the HICA paper are right, there is no “leucine equivalent” of HICA; they’re different animals, even though they’re “related.”

And my point was that GC’s RESPONSE for using 500mg was that’s how the study split the dose. This only makes sense if he believes that a single bolus dose of 1.5g wouldn’t work well, which he has never claimed, yet alone defended. And Cooper seems to have believed that the bolus dose worked well. For a $3/serving product, if you’re going to underdose multiple ingredients, just leave them out and cut the cost down to a more reasonable level. Unless he thinks 500mg HICA William actually do anything, which he hasn’t even tried to claim when asked about it.

TL;DR: what I’ve seen, both from his formulas and from his posts/responses does not exactly inspire confidence. He has a degree in chemistry; awesome, but that doesn’t mean he can avoid actually explaining very questionable inclusions and not address him misreading and/or miswriting about ingredients in his posts on social media.


Perhaps that’s where the post workout comes in!! Gotta get the whole stack!

Brb let me spend $10 a workout on 3 products.