Cellucor C4 SmartEnergy RTD Giveaway

Cellucor C4 SmartEnergy RTD Giveaway

As we welcome a new addition to the C4 family this new year we thought y’all might want to give them a try!


Just tell us how you stay sharp and continue learning into adulthood: books, podcasts, actual classroom etc. We will pick a couple winners for full cases this week!

Must be 18 or older
Must have a US mailing address
Must not owe Nutrabolt any reviews


Reading articles/books and watching youtube! I find I absorb/understand better when I am ‘teaching myself’ rather than in a formal class. Less pressure I guess! I am also obsessed with Podcasts and documentaries.


Well, being a first year lawyer and a first year dad, most of my learning comes from on the job training. Hah!

I do enjoy listening to the Muscle Intelligence Podcast for health/fitness/nutrition related material. There is so much information about optimal performance, both in and out of the gym, that we don’t consider or discuss on this forum. Ben Pakulski does a good job of bringing in industry experts across a wide array of topics, including entrepreneurship, mental health, emotional wellness, etc…

I also listen to Simple Families for parenthood information. It is super “mom-oriented” but it helps me get better insights to what my wife thinks and how she tries to raise our son. Seriously, most of the gender differences could be solved by trying to understand each other better…

For selfish reasons, I love listening to travel podcasts and learning about different cultures around the world. It helps give me ideas of where I want to travel to next, but also gives a great historical reference to the countries and cities that the common person knows little about.


Ah shit, college student here so right up my alley. Currently at the University of Pittsburgh for pre-med, so that’s how I’m still learning. Many years to go

Right now, coffee is my go-to for my pick-me-ups, or cans of C4 carbonated that I grabbed during GNC’s sale where they were a dollar.

Definitely would love to try, might help the studies a bit for those long nights come finals week

Edit: Still learning lots from @muscleupcrohn’s writeups. Lots of good info from him


I go to multiple conferences for my NASM and Issa Conferences I also do online books for CEU’s. These are also very demanding depending on how many certifications and what topics you do want to cover. For example my current book is 500 pages. When you work a 7-5, go to the gym, and try to juggle other side jobs it does add up.

Supplement wise I try to monitor others such as price plow and use the blog to re up my info ok ingredients and profiles so I can script reviews and broadcast YouTube reviews for customers interested in products. Knowing how to detail each ingredient and explain it to consumers can be tricky putting it into easy terms.

On a day to day basis I try to prioritize sleep as much as I can but working 3 jobs doesn’t always make it efficient. SmartEnergy would be great to try as my everyday get me up since I try to limit stims especially working long hours.


I’m an auditory learner, so prefer podcast or audiobooks. I’m also in the technology field so have to read a lot of white papers and other tech documents to be able to do my job or stay up to date on the latest trends. These are not the most exciting text, so tend to chug down on RTDS to get through the rough ones.

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in for support


With so much information out there, it should be pretty easy to continue learning but the difficulty lies in finding the time to actually comprehend what we read or are told and then determining if the information is valid or just being published as a marketing piece to get people to buy something.

I’m probably one of the few people who still reads a newspaper everyday to get some of my local and national information. I also enjoy listening to various podcasts and reading through news websites while I do my LISS cardio at night. Kills two birds with one stone, be healthier and more informed about the world all together.

Plus you can’t leave out the informational posts and studies that get written on this forum. We have a collection of brilliant people on here who take the time to dissect ingredient studies to help us all become more informed and a smarter consumer.

PS: Would gladly post a review here and on IG


I’m in the technology field as well. For me it’s a lot of on-the-job training mixed with online courses. It’s ever important to be a continuous learner in my field.

For personal learning, it is all reading forums, blogs and online articles.

I’d be happy to post a review if chosen. Thanks for the promo!

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Oh this is sweet! Hitting the weights at 5am before work helps me stay sharp and gets my day started off right. I have been working on certifications, just finished online course for PMP and need to start studying for my test. Since I have started working in Crisis Management its learning something every day to decide what actions to take. I am also going to start taking some courses to get some FEMA certifications. All about them certs!


I do a variety of puzzles daily as well as learning to repair things on You Tube.
Listening to folks helps as long as, like all things in life, do one’s own research and not take their word for it.
Have an open mind.

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Listen to podcasts to and from work, total of 2 hours a day

So many good answers in here

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Audiobooks and podcasts; that way I can multitask during my commute, while cooking, etc.

Oh man this would be exciting to try out! To stay focused throughout the day, I find that a little exercise in the morning before work to get my day started and listening to some podcasts that don’t take a lot of attention away from work is key to being productive. I’ve also been playing around with a few different educational podcasts to expand my knowledge and have been trying to get into reading books more consistently, but usually it is more reading random articles I am interested in on the internet.

All these first-timers coming in for this post :+1:t3:


I get my information from books,podcasts,websites,YouTube and My gnc learning Lab

How I stay sharp And continue to learn now these days, is being a dad. Being a dad to two lil girls is a different challenge every day, most days are great but there are a few days where it’s a challenge. My girls definitely make sure I’m on my game n that I stay sharp. I never knew what life was until becoming a dad. I learn something new every single day!

Who’s this fucking guy?


Haha. First time post… I expected better.