Cellucor C4 Natural Energy - Cherry Lime Review

I wanted to thank @stad0203 for running this promo and letting me try the Cellucor C4 Energy Natural Zero drinks. I wasn’t even aware of this version of the C4 energy drinks before this giveaway but I am a big fan of the Cellucor C4 energy and smart energy drinks, so I was definitely excited to try this one out.

Having a few different options, I chose to try the Cherry Lime flavor cause this was the most appealing to me. The cans are 12 oz and have 120 mg of caffeine from Coffeeberry fruit. Energy drinks are my typical go-to for an afternoon pick me up and I found I don’t typically need 200 mg of caffeine that often come in energy drinks now, so I really liked having the 120 mg of caffeine in this drink because it was a smooth enough pick me up to keep me productive at work without being too much. I think the Cognizin definitely helps with this focus and productivity that I felt after drinking this.

As for the taste, it wasn’t as sweet as you would expect from most energy drinks on the market now. It was a much more subtle cherry lime flavor, reminding me more of a flavored sparkling water, like LaCroix, or hard seltzer, like White Claw. While I typically like sweeter energy drinks, like Monster or the 3D energy drinks, this would definitely be good to have on hand for a nice change of pace when I don’t want something so sweet. Even though it wasn’t as sweet as others, it was still very enjoyable and easy to drink, so I definitely will be trying some of the other flavors as well.


Here is my bodybuilding.com review as well. Thanks again guys!


Thanks for putting this together @Bryan_Walsh

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