Cellucor C4 Carbonated Orange Slice

Cellucor C4 Carbonated Orange Slice


A little background. I work from home but travel a lot. And let’s face it every now and then you need that ‘extra boost’ when you have to get work done, errands etc…I’ve used Pre-Workouts on occasion for my ‘energy drink’, but never really partook in the energy drink revolution (Well this side of Vodka RedBull’s in Vegas).

That said I was seeking something that rivaled that ‘high’ or ‘good feeling’ you get on training days.

After reading a few reviews on here from @TheSolution Giada-esque kitchen videos and @Matt_Towson’s tongue I thought I would give C4 a shot.

Thankfully, and as they say in Chicago, ‘I gotta guy’.

Cannot thank @TheSolution and Campus Protein enough for hooking me up with a case of C4 Carbonated Orange slice.

Drinking it now and initially wasn’t ready for the carbonation, but after a while I really began to like it and as you can see by this long winded post the energy and overall ‘good feeling’ kicks in. I can honestly see using this ‘in a pinch’ before a workout (I know it is a pre-workout)…

Really good product. Once I down this whole case today I’ll definitely be ordering more (I’m kidding about downing the whole case for those of you that didn’t get the sarcasm)


CP is just another supplier who carries them along with plenty of others .

I bought you that case out my own pocket.
You asked I delivered , just trying to spread the wealth since you are always on the go and could find a use out of it.

Glad you enjoyed my man.
Cases will be about $20 for BF so it will
Be a good time to try another flavor!

No homo


And again that BF thing gets me….‘Black Friday’…got it now.


Just tried Orange Slice… It’s legit! Can’t wait to try the Midnight Cherry one


Midnight is one of my favorites