CEL Anabolic Effect

CEL Anabolic Effect

Mesocycle #14

Week 10 Day 1

Tempo Indication: Eccentric:Pause:Concentric:Flex (x:x:x:x)

All Rep Tempo’s are 2:1:2:2

Rest Times are 90 Seconds

DB Row (2:1:2:1)

75 x 10 (4 Sets)

Assisted Chin-Ups

55 Reps

Low Cable Rows:

100 x 8 (4 Sets)

Single Arm Supinated Pulldown: (3:1;1:1)

35 Each Hand x 8 (3 Sets)

EZ Bar Preacher Curl (4:1:1:1)

50 x 12 (3 Sets)

Reverse Curl (3:1:1:1)

60 x 10 (4 Sets)


Select Shake


A typical setup for diet looks like this today since a lot of people ask

Pre (4:30 AM)

3 Rice Cakes + 1 Scoop Whey ----> 3 AE Caps

Post (7:30)

4 Rice Cakes + 1 Scoop Whey

Lunch (Around Noon) 2 Turkey Burgers + Asparagus —> 3 AE Caps

Meal 4(4:30-5): 8oz Chicken + 2 TBSP Almond Butter + Green Beans

Meal 5 (8ish): Cream of Rice, Jasmine Rice, or Rice Cakes + Whey

I am very basic with how I eat the majority of the week, but I will throw in some baked goods that I bake and make throughout the week, or if I feel like cooking a sandwich, stirfry etc I will toss it into my last meal.

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31 Day Update

Help building lean muscle

**** I am not eating in a surplus, nor will I be jacking up my calories weekly to “Feed the Supplement”. If that was the case nobody would ever know how well a “Supplement” works when you consistently skew nutrition. Training has been very consistent as weights have not dropped and everything is remaining steady & Matching the logbook while losing weight.**

  • Improve Strength

**** See Above**

  • Improve endurance

Endurance and recovery have been pretty steady, I have had nothing to note in regards to this on a day to day basis.

  • Aid weight loss & Body Composition

A small drop from last week, looking leaner in the mirror

Weight 169 (-.2)

  • Improve Sleep

Some users have commented on this, I am not seeing any changes. I am up at 3:30-4:30 most mornings except weekends when I am off from my new job. I actually feel better when I wakeup at 3:30-4:30 compared to a little later on the weekend. Perhaps that is my body and its generic sleeping pattern.

  • Improve Pumps & Fullness (S7 Inclusion)

Pre-Workout Combo is 1 Scoop VasoBlitz & 1 Scoop FullBlitz. Pumps have remained the same. I notice if I do high rep warm-up sets my skin and muscles have a larger hardness. Most of my rep ranges are in the 5-20 range with the main focus around 8-12 for most of John’s Training Programs (Mountain Dog).

  • Improved Nutrient Uptake (Astragin)

Digestion has been good, but then again I don’t eat too much in the first place, and very meticulous on the food sources I do consume on a day to day basis. My diet is pretty much laid out and similar M-F with minimal changes just due to work schedule. I tend to keep food sources simple and low in FODMAP to avoid any bloating, GI Distress.

Mesocycle #14
Week 11 Day 4

Tempo Indication: Eccentric:Pause:Concentric:Flex (x:x:x:x)
All Rep Tempo’s are 2:1:2:2
Rest Times are 90 Seconds

Incline Smith Bench Press:
3-25’s/Side x 8 (3 Sets)

A1: DB Fly
50’s x 8 (3 sets)

A2: Cable Crossover
30 Each Hand x 8 (3 Sets)

B1: HS Side Laterals
70 x 15 (3 Sets)

B2: DB Bent over Swings
30’s x 12 (3 Sets)

C1: Underhand Single Arm Pushdown’s
20 x 8 (4 Sets)

C2: Close Grip Push-Up:
Failure (4 Sets)

Chicken Stirfry

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Thanks for doing this log. Your meals are epic too.

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Out of town this weekend working overtime for my new job (Erie Insurance), and handling new agents in Hermitage PA


Hit 315x10 on Squat (BW which is -.4 this week)

I was able to maintain the logbook, and improve my mind-muscle connection on back movements. This is the hardest body part for me to engage because I forearm a lot of my movements. I have been trying to lock my body in, and minimize carry over to stimulate the muscle properly.


168.8 (-.4) This week which is on a continual trend with no change in nutrition. I have really found my sweet spot over the last few months with nutrition as everything is a linear trend.

Body Recomp:

This is the best takeaway so far since running the product. I have got a lot more comments in the gym and when training on my face looking leaner, quads looking leaner, and upper body looking tighter. I can also tell as my belt notch is down, waist is tighter, and pants are looser. Every week I can see small changes in my physique, and I will have to get some pictures next time I am in town to see how the mirror is treating me as clothes are looser.


I have found no changes in my sleep schedule.

M-F I am up around 3:30 AM, weekends I try to sleep in around 4:30-5 AM depending on my new work schedule, or what I have going on.

Energy and Mood are very consistent. I limit my stim intake and try to get at least 4-6 hours of sleep a night which is typical for me. This is my sweet spot for the most part.


I have found no change this entire log thus far, but it may change the deeper I get.

Overall 0 complains. If I keep getting tighter and I can maintain my strength the longer I stay in a slight deficit I am a very happy camper.

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Mesocycle #15
Week 1 Day 1

Tempo Indication: Eccentric:Pause:Concentric:Flex (x:x:x:x)
All Rep Tempo’s are 2:1:2:2
Rest Times are 90 Seconds

DB Bench
30’s x 20
50’s x 15
70’s x 6
100’s x 8
100’s x 8 --> 70’s x 6

Incline Smith Bench Press:
1-25/Side x 6
2-25/Side x 4
3-25/Side x 8
3-25’s + 10/Side x 8

Cable Crossover:
25 Each Hand x 10, 7, 4 (Rest Pause)

HS Fly
130’s x 10 (3 Sets)

HS Rear Delt Fly’s
70 x 20 (3 Sets)

DB Side Lateral Partials
40’s x 20 (3 Sets)

DB Incline Shoulder Raise:
20’s x 15 (2 Sets)

  • Fantastic Pump, Mind Muscle Connection was on point with this sequence and selection of exercises.
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Great Arm Pump Today:

Drag Curl:
60 x 12 (3 Sets)

Concentration Preacher Curls
20’s x 12 (3 Sets)

Hammer Curl’s:
25’s x 12 (3 Sets)

Dual Rope Pressdown:
140 x 10 (3 Sets)

Dual-Handle Pushdown:
20 Each Hand x 12 (3 Sets)

Lying DB SkullCrushers
35’s Each Hand x 8 (3 Sets)

Pre – 3 Rice Cakes + 1 scoop Whey + 3 AE Caps
Post – 4 Rice Cakes + 1 Scoop Whey

As I get deeper into AE I can tell the recomp is the best portion of the product.

I have been right around maintenance or a slight deficit for quite some time, so seeing strength gains or muscle gains is very hard to come across.

I did match the logbook the last few weeks which is great, and to get leaner in the process is a huge plus

I am not seeing anything as far as an increase in libido, or recovery goes, but that could be to my consistent nutrition and not being in a surplus or consistently adding calories on a week to week basis, which others may have seen or done in their experience.

If I can continue to tighten up these next few weeks I will be happy. I noticed my belt notch has dropped yet again, so that is yet another clear sign I am getting leaner. Back is looking a bit wider too, so I won’t complain.

Weight: 168.6 (-.2)

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Weight: 168.2 (-.4)

Biggest takeaway --> Body Recomp hands down. Leaner in the mirror, and I can tell my pants continue to feel looser around the waist. My quads always stretch my pants due to my waist at 29" right now (Started at 31" on log).

Strength --> Overall my strength continues to be matched week in and week out as I can monitor my RPE/Intensity and logbook due to how John Meadows outlines his training template.

Digestion --> no changes with this as food is pretty consistent on a day to day basis.

Still taking 1 cheat meal a week and still dropping as I baseline within 24-36 hours after a cheat.

Sleep --> Has been absolute crap this week. I have slept 9 hours the last 4 days total. I feel my nose getting clogged up and throat getting sore, but I did clean my room and house today which ended up removing piles of dust which is most likely the issue.

Libido --> no Changes

Recovery --> No Changes (Schedule a 90-minute deep tissue massage Tuesday)

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You might have posted this already but what is your BF%??

The last time I got a BODPOD around this weight it was around 10-11%

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Weight: 168 (-.2)

Recomp is still in full swing. I am looking as good if not better then the previous weeks, maintaining my strength, and if not seeing small improvements in the logbook. I am finding my mind-muscle connection continues to improve as I have changed my training form to try and hammer proper form and stimulate the muscle to the greatest degree.

I have really been working hard on my thumbless grip and elbow drive on back days. A slight tuck in my elbows for pressing movements (to take secondary muscles out of the equation), and slowing down my tempo on arm training to improve the tension. I have found pushing through my palm on arm movements has eliminated forearm carry over and placed more stress on the muscle.

Libido --> No changes the entire log

Muscle Hardness & Pump --> Has been very similar throughout the log. Still rocking the VasoBlitz + FullBlitz pre-workout combo and around 50g of carbs pre

Recovery --> Had a 90-minute deep tissue massage on Tuesday after work, and really helped loosen up some tight spots, and also found myself feeling a better pump the next few days when the muscles are not as knotted up.

Sleep --> No visible changes. I actually slept less this week due to extra hours working, and part-time jobs on the side, but have been crushing my workouts.

Overall I am pleased with my progress and looking to wrap this up in style and keep the recomp train in full swing.

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Back to the drawing board @SNSJS. This hasn’t motivated BoB to give anyone the anabolic effect

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Besides being leaner, stronger, and lighter. I would say this has done its job, and I continue to recomp for the better. This has treated me just right.

can’t expect for me to put on loads of size and strength when I have not changed my dietary intake over the entire log and have dropped steadily week in and week out.

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You ran it right, keep your same routine and report the changes. Logs where people change their whole routine are useless to me. Was just making fun of the libido thing lol

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To be honest. I don’t get much out of any natty anabolic I ran with libido changes. So that is basically a non-factor to me with all of them I have ran over the years.

Now if a girl is doing stiff leg deadlifts with see through yoga pants or leggings.
Different story



In for pics of hot girls doing deadlifts.

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That’s a Monday here in Miami. Influencer Monday’s we call them, all those girls come in to take the pics for the week and get those follower numbers up

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Weight: 168 (No Change)

This week has been a roller coaster of being healthy and trying to avoid people who are sick. I was on the road most of the week for work traveling and taking care of agents, most of whom were sick. I tried my best to stay away, but I keep getting a scratchy throat and runny nose. Luckily I got some good sleep last night and feel better. Woke up feeling very flat and it reflects in the pictures. Will keep the nutrition the same and finish off this log and see where it takes me with the AE Run. Still happy that I continue to get leaner in some bodyparts week in and week out, so I am not complaining as the mirror is in my favor every week that goes by.

Libido --> No changes the entire log

Muscle Hardness & Pump --> Same Pre Combo (Fullblitz + VasoBlitz) ~ 50g of carbs from food pre-workout. 3 Caps AE with Meal 1 (pre), and 3 Caps with meal 3/4 later in the day.

Recovery --> Lack of sleep this week, but still got in all my workouts. I have no complains here, but have not noticed a significant boost or change throughout the log. Everything has seemed steady in this department.

Sleep --> Sleep has been hit or miss, Usually 4-5 hours tops. I got a good 7 hours last night and felt great today. I will be working more overtime throughout the next few weeks through the holidays which will keep me on my normal 4-5 hours. This amount still gives me good energy to do my day to day activities without any sacrifice to my energy or recovery.

Almost done with the run and have to say between this and BMP 2.0 they are both spectacular and 2 of the best natural anabolics I have used for body recomp.

Weight: 167.8 (-.2)

Still trying to get over being sick. Feeling a lot better today which is a good thing. I have been working extra OT at work and been on the road helping clients and agents in NW PA, which has kept me busy. Overall I am finding a good groove in training as High Evolution is a great training program from Meadows where I am being able to match the log book week in and week out as weight has been trending down this entire log. Cannot complain about that one bit.

Libido --> No changes the entire log

Muscle Hardness & Pump --> Ive throw in No Mercy from OL the last few days/week in exchange of Vasoblitz with FullBlitz not a real vast difference. I respond a touch better to nitrates, but its a good change of pace.

Recovery --> Sleep is a bit better this week, but not really able to notate too much on this aspect week in and week out. Unless my rest periods are changed, but that is usually not the case with JM’s programs.

Sleep --> Sleep has been hit or miss, Usually 4-5 hours tops. Saturdays I try to sleep in (7-8 hours) if I can, and same with Sunday’s to prepare myself for the work week. Overall no changes, no deeper sleep or REM Sleep to note.

Should be wrapping this up soon, so stay tuned for a final review coming up soon! I’ll save the pics for the final update as the mirror keeps changing in my favor with AE.

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