CEL Anabolic Effect

CEL Anabolic Effect

Mesocycle #14

Week 10 Day 1

Tempo Indication: Eccentric:Pause:Concentric:Flex (x:x:x:x)

All Rep Tempo’s are 2:1:2:2

Rest Times are 90 Seconds

DB Row (2:1:2:1)

75 x 10 (4 Sets)

Assisted Chin-Ups

55 Reps

Low Cable Rows:

100 x 8 (4 Sets)

Single Arm Supinated Pulldown: (3:1;1:1)

35 Each Hand x 8 (3 Sets)

EZ Bar Preacher Curl (4:1:1:1)

50 x 12 (3 Sets)

Reverse Curl (3:1:1:1)

60 x 10 (4 Sets)


Select Shake


A typical setup for diet looks like this today since a lot of people ask

Pre (4:30 AM)

3 Rice Cakes + 1 Scoop Whey ----> 3 AE Caps

Post (7:30)

4 Rice Cakes + 1 Scoop Whey

Lunch (Around Noon) 2 Turkey Burgers + Asparagus —> 3 AE Caps

Meal 4(4:30-5): 8oz Chicken + 2 TBSP Almond Butter + Green Beans

Meal 5 (8ish): Cream of Rice, Jasmine Rice, or Rice Cakes + Whey

I am very basic with how I eat the majority of the week, but I will throw in some baked goods that I bake and make throughout the week, or if I feel like cooking a sandwich, stirfry etc I will toss it into my last meal.

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31 Day Update

Help building lean muscle

**** I am not eating in a surplus, nor will I be jacking up my calories weekly to “Feed the Supplement”. If that was the case nobody would ever know how well a “Supplement” works when you consistently skew nutrition. Training has been very consistent as weights have not dropped and everything is remaining steady & Matching the logbook while losing weight.**

  • Improve Strength

**** See Above**

  • Improve endurance

Endurance and recovery have been pretty steady, I have had nothing to note in regards to this on a day to day basis.

  • Aid weight loss & Body Composition

A small drop from last week, looking leaner in the mirror

Weight 169 (-.2)

  • Improve Sleep

Some users have commented on this, I am not seeing any changes. I am up at 3:30-4:30 most mornings except weekends when I am off from my new job. I actually feel better when I wakeup at 3:30-4:30 compared to a little later on the weekend. Perhaps that is my body and its generic sleeping pattern.

  • Improve Pumps & Fullness (S7 Inclusion)

Pre-Workout Combo is 1 Scoop VasoBlitz & 1 Scoop FullBlitz. Pumps have remained the same. I notice if I do high rep warm-up sets my skin and muscles have a larger hardness. Most of my rep ranges are in the 5-20 range with the main focus around 8-12 for most of John’s Training Programs (Mountain Dog).

  • Improved Nutrient Uptake (Astragin)

Digestion has been good, but then again I don’t eat too much in the first place, and very meticulous on the food sources I do consume on a day to day basis. My diet is pretty much laid out and similar M-F with minimal changes just due to work schedule. I tend to keep food sources simple and low in FODMAP to avoid any bloating, GI Distress.

Mesocycle #14
Week 11 Day 4

Tempo Indication: Eccentric:Pause:Concentric:Flex (x:x:x:x)
All Rep Tempo’s are 2:1:2:2
Rest Times are 90 Seconds

Incline Smith Bench Press:
3-25’s/Side x 8 (3 Sets)

A1: DB Fly
50’s x 8 (3 sets)

A2: Cable Crossover
30 Each Hand x 8 (3 Sets)

B1: HS Side Laterals
70 x 15 (3 Sets)

B2: DB Bent over Swings
30’s x 12 (3 Sets)

C1: Underhand Single Arm Pushdown’s
20 x 8 (4 Sets)

C2: Close Grip Push-Up:
Failure (4 Sets)

Chicken Stirfry

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Thanks for doing this log. Your meals are epic too.

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Out of town this weekend working overtime for my new job (Erie Insurance), and handling new agents in Hermitage PA


Hit 315x10 on Squat (BW which is -.4 this week)

I was able to maintain the logbook, and improve my mind-muscle connection on back movements. This is the hardest body part for me to engage because I forearm a lot of my movements. I have been trying to lock my body in, and minimize carry over to stimulate the muscle properly.


168.8 (-.4) This week which is on a continual trend with no change in nutrition. I have really found my sweet spot over the last few months with nutrition as everything is a linear trend.

Body Recomp:

This is the best takeaway so far since running the product. I have got a lot more comments in the gym and when training on my face looking leaner, quads looking leaner, and upper body looking tighter. I can also tell as my belt notch is down, waist is tighter, and pants are looser. Every week I can see small changes in my physique, and I will have to get some pictures next time I am in town to see how the mirror is treating me as clothes are looser.


I have found no changes in my sleep schedule.

M-F I am up around 3:30 AM, weekends I try to sleep in around 4:30-5 AM depending on my new work schedule, or what I have going on.

Energy and Mood are very consistent. I limit my stim intake and try to get at least 4-6 hours of sleep a night which is typical for me. This is my sweet spot for the most part.


I have found no change this entire log thus far, but it may change the deeper I get.

Overall 0 complains. If I keep getting tighter and I can maintain my strength the longer I stay in a slight deficit I am a very happy camper.

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Mesocycle #15
Week 1 Day 1

Tempo Indication: Eccentric:Pause:Concentric:Flex (x:x:x:x)
All Rep Tempo’s are 2:1:2:2
Rest Times are 90 Seconds

DB Bench
30’s x 20
50’s x 15
70’s x 6
100’s x 8
100’s x 8 --> 70’s x 6

Incline Smith Bench Press:
1-25/Side x 6
2-25/Side x 4
3-25/Side x 8
3-25’s + 10/Side x 8

Cable Crossover:
25 Each Hand x 10, 7, 4 (Rest Pause)

HS Fly
130’s x 10 (3 Sets)

HS Rear Delt Fly’s
70 x 20 (3 Sets)

DB Side Lateral Partials
40’s x 20 (3 Sets)

DB Incline Shoulder Raise:
20’s x 15 (2 Sets)

  • Fantastic Pump, Mind Muscle Connection was on point with this sequence and selection of exercises.
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Great Arm Pump Today:

Drag Curl:
60 x 12 (3 Sets)

Concentration Preacher Curls
20’s x 12 (3 Sets)

Hammer Curl’s:
25’s x 12 (3 Sets)

Dual Rope Pressdown:
140 x 10 (3 Sets)

Dual-Handle Pushdown:
20 Each Hand x 12 (3 Sets)

Lying DB SkullCrushers
35’s Each Hand x 8 (3 Sets)

Pre – 3 Rice Cakes + 1 scoop Whey + 3 AE Caps
Post – 4 Rice Cakes + 1 Scoop Whey

As I get deeper into AE I can tell the recomp is the best portion of the product.

I have been right around maintenance or a slight deficit for quite some time, so seeing strength gains or muscle gains is very hard to come across.

I did match the logbook the last few weeks which is great, and to get leaner in the process is a huge plus

I am not seeing anything as far as an increase in libido, or recovery goes, but that could be to my consistent nutrition and not being in a surplus or consistently adding calories on a week to week basis, which others may have seen or done in their experience.

If I can continue to tighten up these next few weeks I will be happy. I noticed my belt notch has dropped yet again, so that is yet another clear sign I am getting leaner. Back is looking a bit wider too, so I won’t complain.

Weight: 168.6 (-.2)

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