Cat's Out of the Bag

Cat's Out of the Bag


Eh…makes for good theater…


I 100% agree. Without some drama, it can be dull…but really, of all the people to start shit with…why CJ lol


CJ has a following…that gets attention. No press is bad press as they say


CJ will be missed of course, great dude! I guess I’ll have to look into Primeval some more.


Been dying for a spartan whey review man


I have one coming shortly in the future. I just picked up the Cinna Crunch!


Thought we were going to get it and it never came. Hopefully soon, the new flavors sound amazing


I can get a 2nd flavor. Which one would you want reviewed?? PB??


Id say most ppl are interested in the PB, Cinnamon, or kit kat one


PB and Cinnamon Crunch i will grab.


Sparta sent us some - so we will review everything they sent on our next film day.


Would of gone with the krunchy krisp, everyone and their mother makes a PB.


A kit kat doesn’t sound too appealing will be a glorified chocolate because I doubt it will have anything exotic to the flavor . Could be wrong though


Probably about to snag it tbh now that I’m out of C&C. Glad it’s the 2lb tub. Have you tried the chocolate ice cream, and if so, how did it differ from regular chocolate? Sorry I’m advance if you already mentioned it and you’re repeating yourself


To add on to this? Anyone have a better coupon than 20% Off? :grin:


I have not tried the kit kat or the chocolate ice cream. I have had a few friends get the regular chocolate ice cream and stated it was middle of the road. A few noted it had a milk chocolate taste but a gritty aftertaste. How much validity and truth there is behind that I don’t know. I have seen others praise their CNC, and seen some not care for it. Blueberry from what I read was very heavy on muffin (Similar to Gaspari Precision).


Muffin top? Asking for Elaine…


The Krispy Crunch is delicious! That’s the tub I have


It’s not just a. Chocolate. It has a hit of caramel to it? Hard to pin point but it’s really good


@Anthony just ordered a tub off me, I can’t wait to see what he says. if its good I will get that as my next tub after Cinnamon & PB