Cat's Out of the Bag

Cat's Out of the Bag


As with Robert’s departure, a shame to see him go, but I’m glad it’s all love all around.

As with Robert’s departure, I live too far away to be live with you guys, but if you’re just itching to pay an elk for some content… :eyes:


So wait…Robert left twice?


It was a play on my own words. “Like before, I’m sad to see him go, and like before, hire me instead.”


Ha that’d be funny but not necessary. I’d love to see a guest review on EDGE OF INSANITY.

The best irony of it all!!! We were built to save money, then we sometimes find so many deals or cool stuff you end up spending more than you would have had you not found us. “Sorry not sorry!”

This wasn’t meant to be turned into a hiring thread, but I’m happy for anyone to send me anything and what angles you can handle.

Realize I’m not opposed to different segments. If you’re a carnivore diet expert… or a vegan expert… both can have roles on the channel. That’s where I want to go with it. Who says we have to do just one thing? Not me.

Meanwhile, I’m planning on digging deeper into research as it comes out, and covering that or bringing the researcher on to interview. Got one lined up for 2 weeks from now regarding mitochondria and ketones. Geek stuff for my content!


Oh the savings have been great - but the advice provided on the YouTube channel (minus swimming and then filming) and on here have made me re-think my supplementation and diet.


I’ll get on it!


Info on Robert’s departure was mentioned on one of CJ’s Vlogs recently. It was all positive.


Congrats to CJ, and I’m excited to see what’s in store for PricePlow!


I know / I meant it as a joke


All good things guys. The direction we are going is exciting and likewise, I’m stocked for CJ to have such an awesome opportunity.

As always, feel free to DM me or Mike with any ideas for companies or products to review!


Ghost Green Apple Legend
Purple Frost C4 Cans (When they Launch)
New Sparta Whey Flavors
OL Protein (When they launch)
C4 Ultimate Power
Xtend Energy
New Bang Flavor (launch on 14th)
Blackstone Iso-Cream
Cellucor Iso-Pro (Saw a lot of mixed reviews)
Animal SNAK Bars


We should be covering most of these on next review day.

-C4 purple frost
-Animal Snak
-Spartan Whey
And more.


I would like to see you cover more from the big popular companies, the ones that make stuff for the free market not the grey market.

Vapor X5 is really good for the price if you shop around and add some bulk citruline, and Endorush is just a nice upgrade to C4.

Also reviewing product that often have hot deals would be very helpful.


Best of luck to CJ!


Yep. 1000x. These are things I had been wanting too, just only so much we can handle. Now we’re going to find a way to get them done - even if that means bringing on a “mainstream product reviewer” while we screw around with the crazy stuff.

Matt can consider being the reviewer for them, but no way in hell am I going to dictate his pre workout consumption this far into his show prep!

Funny you mention those two pre workouts because we recently had both sent our way.


If you need someone to do reviews let me know. I have been writing reviews for 10 years and also broadcast them on my YT


Amen dude! We have already begun this initative’ Expect some more “mainstream” stuff.
I.e., MuscleTech, BSN, O.N., Cellucor, ProSupps and more!

Please tell me if there is one specifically you guys want and I will make sure we explore it.


I’m just surprised that lobliner didn’t try to hire him first


Him and Lobliner are not on the best of terms at the moment. Marc is being a child, and keeps kicking/blocking CJ from all of his livestreams and the such. It is also kind of hilarious though…


Well maybe Marc, Johnny Bravo, and CJ should “break bread” with the new mts protein bars