Cat's Out of the Bag

Cat's Out of the Bag


CJ is now with Primeval Labs!

Announcement on our channel to come eventually, and we’ll still have some more videos with CJ, but you guys should know first.

This move definitely makes sense for the Marine in CJ. Things are pretty chaotic for us over here (@Matt_Towson seeing that!), and he is going to do great things with one mission, one plan.

Primeval will be part of our ongoing content (how can they not be - they put out new products all the time!) and there will hopefully be some collabs, but it’s all been smoothly coordinated thanks to Primeval’s leadership.

I’ll be happy to share my YouTube strategy soon. Right now really trying to build out a better team / process so I’m not the bottleneck in everything we do. That way I can get to what I am best at – tech stuff and deep-dive content.

Stay tuned, congrats to CJ, and of course, THANK YOU for all your hard work and support!


Damn. Sucks to see him go, especially as I related to him the most in terms of supplement preference (high stims anyone?), but great to know everything was on good terms, same as Robert. I think the fact that both of them leaving yet remaining friendly really shows the atmosphere and environment of the community Mike has created, where we all tend to get along awfully well. Obviously, best of luck to CJ and PricePlow both as they go their separate ways, and looking forward to the new content he’ll be producing!

PS, does this mean I’m the undisputed residential stim-junkie now?


Honestly I didn’t consider cj much of a stim junkie, So yes you seem like the type of person who could do the 4 scoops meme with one of 5% preworkouts :stuck_out_tongue:.

I still am claiming second in command of the league of crackheads here though.

Any chance we can get expanded titles? @Mike


The new member (if you take one to replace him) should be a metalhead :grinning:


Bummer for us, but good for you CJ! But what does this mean for priceplows future? I feel like Matt and CJ were the brand, and now 1/2 of it is gone…


Yeah I’m still waiting on a test video!! Also depends on how many Bangs @Matt_Towson can drink in a day :wink:

In the forum here? Yeah what do you want?

This will be addressed in due time. In one word, the big project is building an APP. But first I’m building a bigger team around the content (both written and video) to free up my time to work on it.


Great news for CJ…good for him.


So help me out here. What will CJ’s role be with Primeval? Instagram model? Just curious…


I believe he said in the video he is going to be handling Primeval’s video content and their youtube channel.

I’m definitely sad to see CJ leave Priceplow, he was one of the main reasons I started following Priceplow in the first place, but I’m excited to see how @Matt_Towson 's role will expand going forward. I’ve enjoyed his content on the youtube channel/instagram account thus far.




They say that reading is a skill…in this case admittedly I have yet to watch the video…so I’m a moron.

Thank you…


Mike, you know where to find me.


Ok ok…I finally watched this.

So is the jumping out of a pool and immediately on to camera a ‘thing’ now? Maybe it’s like an Instgram/Snapchat/Instaface thing for all I know…

And all in all…good stuff…


Much appreciated brother! Not sure I’m the meat head people want, but maybe that’ll change after my show in 6 weeks. ; )


Damn…I finally got CJ to think we’re cool and this happens!

Kidding, great move for CJ and Priceplow will continue to evolve, excited to see what Matt and Mike do with the channel/site


I’m in the minority here…

Even thought I still think Matt is one of the Ghost guys…I appreciate his feedback, and I don’t need for him (Yes you Matt) nor Mike nor Robert or CJ or anyone to be a ‘meathead’. As long as I understand that you do actually train and can provide personal experience I’m fine with it. Mike swims so I appreciate his feedback on higher endurance activities…

And when I think meathead I think completely jacked guy that probably didn’t get there entirely using Whey protein that tastes like froot loops…


Oh and does Robert now work with Primeval as well? Or is he a free agent? I’ve seen him on TigerFitness videos as well…

Asking for a friend of course.


You need to be you. Stop worrying about what people want. Be yourself and your people will find you.

Bingo. There are five hundred channels full of hormones. That’s not going to be a part of this brand – at least nowhere near a significant part of it. I want to do what fewer channels are doing, not more.

My ideas are going to basically be “YouTube on Hard Mode”, and I’m excited for the challenge. Don’t expect us to chase 100,000 subscribers.

Matt and I and whomoever else we bring on will have different ‘attack vectors’ but it’ll always be fun to come together for reviews (which is where the fun is) to pull it all together.

Just need time to streamline my processes and team both on written and video fronts.


I’m thinking Edge of Insanity washed down with a Hyde Power Potion. Any objections or ideas from anyone?


And I appreciate that. I like ‘real-life’ experiences with products. I get that everyone is different and that everyone has different tastes and training experience, but I can tell if I’ll like a product and a lot of that stems from trust. I trust the guys on the channel and on this site…Hell you guy’s have cost me a lot of $$, but it has also helped me tremendously.