Casein Recommendations

Casein Recommendations

So as most people do, I enjoy a Casein shake before bed each night. I am running low on my NutraBio Casein Alpine Vanilla. I am looking for some recommendations on another Casein to try, with a few caveats:

  1. Mixability is a big deal with Casein, so would like one that mixes fairly easily in a shaker
  2. Flavor is the biggest priority here. I have had some amazing Whey flavors, and looking for a delicious night time treat!

That is really about it. I know Supplement Hunt has a deal right now for R1 Casein (2 x 4lb tubs of Cookie Delight for $59.99), but I have never tried anything from that brand. Has anyone tried R1 at all, I would hate to get 8lbs of something that tastes like garbage. Thanks everyone, glad to be here.

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Do you absolutely need a casein? I use a whey blend for versatility purposes, or I’ll just eat cottage cheese. More economical and pure casein is thick, mixing easily might be a little harder to come by. RULE 1 isn’t bad, but I do think their proteins are a little light in flavor

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My advice honestly…None! If you want to slow the absorption rate of your whey shake, add some milk, yogurt, or peanut butter. If you want to thicken it up even more, add some ice and if you don’t care about calories, ice cream…:slight_smile:


The whole casein thing before bed because it’s slow digesting thing isn’t really that important. Unless you really just love casein, I’d say find the best tasting regular whey out there honestly. Total daily protein intake is what is key


Get a blend that has casein/whey. If you want a straight casein, Kaged Muscle has a good one. Basic flavors though.


Casein is definitely not a priority. In reality I enjoy the slow digestion portion more, so when I workout first thing in the morning fasted I am not completely starving. These are great recommendations, thanks!


Welcome @DaSlaya - I agree with all these points.

In all fairness, he didn’t ask us what we thought about using casein…he asked for recommendations. : )
We offer opinions and ask lots of questions here, @DaSlaya - not to crush you, but because we always want what is best for our fellow brothers in iron.

To answer your question, the best I’ve had is Dymatize Elite Casein, Cinnamon Roll flavor. If you want to take some advise paired here and go with a blend, then PEScience has a 50/50 blend which is very good.

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Straight Casein;
Kaged (a bit higher in carbs)
Rule 1

I personally would just grab a blend because total protein is what matters.
Sparta Whey
Man Sports Clean Protein
Rule 1 Whey Blend
PES Select

if you are “Starving” in the morning have a meal with fatty cuts of meat/eggs + veggies (will be far more satiating then a protein shake) and far more micronutrients. Casein is not necessary (any protein works) think of it more as a luxury

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You’re right, and after having reread my comment, I thought “Ya know, I would be annoyed if someone came at me with an unwarranted answer like that”. Sooooo, if I were to choose a casein, I’m going with Matt on the Dymatize, or funny enough, Sparta


Haha. It drives me nuts when I get unsolicited advise. But I know that we all mean well!

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kaged vanilla is great, mixes well for yummy snacks too :slight_smile:


Mixed with Greek yogurt?


Thanks for all the replies guys, I will check some of those out. I am not new to the Protein game, so I do understand the purposes, just curious what everyone was loving these days. Great community here, faster responses here on one post than I could get in a week on Supplement Reviews in its hay day. I think I found a new home!! (former Supplement Reviews Reviewer)

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strawberries, and a slow pour of fairlife whole milk, whipped with a fork, till u get the desired consistency


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: my flying squirrel approves!


ON casein always mixed best for me. It kind of spoiled me, it was my first and I loved the texture, so I assumed others were the same, and all non-blend casein I’ve tried since then has been really unpleasantly gritty.


Kasein by Kaged Muscle is really good. ON is really good as well.

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#18 has a ON Gold Standard Casein in a mint chocolate chip flavor that is amazing. Sadly it is an exclusive to their website and only comes in a two pound tub, so value takes a huge hit.


Hi @DaSlaya :slightly_smiling_face:

While the whole “slow digesting protein” before bed thing is a myth, I personally don’t think it’s a bad way to end your day. Sometimes, broscience isn’t that bad lol.

Besides just basic casein supplements like the ones mentioned above… or Greek yogurt, I actually like GNCs Betond Raw casein. Has some sleep aids in there and the taste is pretty good. Obviously it’s usually cheaper to simply buy the ingredients separately, but the convenience/effectiveness is nice.


Well hello @Clipper83!! Fancy meeting you here! :sunglasses:

Yeah I will probably just look around a bit and maybe try out some blended protein at night to see how that goes, since I have a bit of a surplus right now.