Caribou's "Froot by the Scoop" CP Fuel review

Caribou's "Froot by the Scoop" CP Fuel review

Again, sample provided by TheSolution for free.

All Fuel mixes instantly, I’ve never had any trouble with it, and this is no exception. Could be mixed with a spoon in a cup in your job’s break room (as I have before).

Absolutely crushed it, Ghost who? Extremely reminiscent of the wildberry Froot by the Foot, or even like a mouthful of Gushers. This is a much more “natural” flavor to drink than the Pink Burst imo, as i could never shake the oddity of drinking a flavor that my brain associated with chewiness, though the Pink Burst is still delicious.

As a PWO, meh.
But from a constantly under-rested medical professional, I love Fuel first thing in the AM for the caffeine and bit of Nootropic support. I don’t have a programmable coffee maker and I’d forget to set it if i did, so this is wonderful for when I need to get out the door ASAP but need something to get my brain working.

Fuel favorites
1.) Peach Rings
2.) White Frost
3.) Lemon Drop/Froot by the Scoop
4.) Strawberry Kiwi/Pink Burst
5.) Sour Watermelon Wedges

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For nearly 50 cents a serving. It is a very cost effective energy drink ,coffee replacement. Its very hard to beat for “Fuel” to get your going and for a pick me up.

Fantastic review. Thank you for the detail I will add it to my thread on Fruit By The Scoop!

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