Caribou Logs PreCreXS and Loves It

Disclosure for future viewers, I received this tub for free from Muscle Elements in exchange for a 10-day log. Also, I give ME permission to quote parts or all of this for their promotional purposes, that’s the point of these isn’t it?

This is the package I received! The pre itself, a remarkably solid shaker (usually company shakers feel super soft and easily deformable, MyProtein–pictured later–being an especially notable offender), a wristband, and a short personalized postcard! ME, y’all know how to make a reindeer feel special.

I got this a few days ago, but this afternoon (2/10/18) was my first time trying it. On the menu was legs, with a squat AMRAP followed by some deadlift assistance work.

As far as mixability, taste, etc: there was a good amount of foaming upon first shaking it, which dissipated after a few moments, but there was some perpetual sediment that wouldn’t dissolve, that I’m banking on being the creatine. That stuff just doesn’t like water.

The taste was definitely not what I expect out of a bomb-pop type flavor, but definitely wasn’t bad either. Just more of a tutti-fruity, I’d say.

The effects started kicking in within 10-15 minutes, I’d estimate. I drank it, pissed, mixed up my intra, grabbed my gym bag, and walked out to my truck, and as I got in I felt a kick of something, I’m gonna guess the DMAE just based on the sensation. 5 minutes later, the beta-alanine itchy ears started hitting, but the fun stuff didn’t happen until later.

Unlike most high-dose BOLUSes of caffeine, this didn’t get my heart pounding out of my chest right away, probably due to the multiple types and sources. I got through my squat session, though was disappointed by my AMRAP attempt, I was a few shy of what I’d been aiming for.

So next up was deadlifts. Specifically, I figured I’d do double-paused–right off the floor, and again at the knee. I find that these really tighten up my positioning, and fry my upper back. did 30% of my comp-style max for 10, 45%x5, 52%x5, 65%x5, 52%x5. With each set, I found myself getting more and more hype, and more and more aggressive. In fact, very aggressive. At the risk of TMI, in between sets I was texting my girl what I was gonna do when I got home. I’m gonna go ahead and point at the yohimbine here.

I went to do the 52% for another set of double-pauses, but the aggression took over and I ended up doing comp-style for…10? 15? 20? A lot. I was mad at the bar, I was bored that only half my max was on it, I was mad about my subpar AMRAP, my heart was pounding out of my chest. So I decided to hit heavy. 72% for a triple. 82% for a double. And 92% for a single. Then another. Then another. Then another. Then 104%.

Which was probably too ballsy. I broke it about a centimeter off the floor, held it for a 2-count, and dropped it, seeing stars, my sinuses opening.

I was still hype. I was still ready for more. But I realized I had a lot of coursework to do, which I still haven’t gotten done because I’ve been writing this, and called it a night.

Oh, and far as the pump goes? My quads were swelling before I even started lifting. Agmatine + carbs is apparently pretty fuckin neato.


“Pretty fuckin neato”-love this quote


Looks like a great product. Will probably give it a try soon!


Thanks for taking time. Yes the caffeine is a little smoother than a shot of adrenaline tj tbe system

Just started training on this two days ago. I thought I would be walking into the gym looking like a crack head, but very smooth energy. Takes about 40 mins for it to peak for me. I don’t get any itching, but this makes you sweat. Very nice pumps and aggression. Taste wise, not bomb pop for sure. Something fruity, doesn’t taste horrible which is always a plus. Will be going back and forth with this ad Kraken for the month.

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It sure does. That was something I forgot to mention in my initial post–every time the bar hit the floor during deadlifts, 4-6 drops of sweat got jostled off of my chin.


Yes, I know it’s the 16th, I’ve had to cram for multiple exams and haven’t had time to update, but I remember what went down.

“Today” was an OHP AMRAP at 70%, followed by rows of my choice (Kroc rows, increasing in weight from 70 to 75 since I hit my set of 30 last time), and an arms circuit of curls/LTEs/lateral raises, 3 sets of AMRAP, no rest. Gotta chase the pump.

Once again, the first wave of “kicking in” is not where this stuff gets you. It’s a pretty solid preworkout in the first wave, and got me through my OHP and first couple warm-up sets of rows just fine. And then the second wave hit, and with it, the aggression, motivation, and sweat.

My working set of Kroc rows had a nearly steady dribble of sweat pouring off of my chin. The pump in my lats was becoming painful by rep #15. But still, starting with my nondominant arm, I crushed out 24 reps, making a noise that could probably be described as a roar between each of my last ~5 reps. My dominant arm matched it easily and probably could have hit 30 again, but I’m not looking for imbalances.

My arms circuit…the aggression had me going heavier with each exercise than my usual, which was maybe a bad idea, because I definitely pinched/impinged something in my shoulder during my third set of lateral raises, but due to school and visiting with family, I’m having to take a week off anyway, so it’ll be healed back up for my next session.

Nonetheless, I was absolutely covered in sweat during the circuit. I mean covered. It looked like I had been hosed down. If y’all like thermic effects in your pres, this is absolutely a winner for you. I usually hate alpha-y due to the cold shivers it gives me, but in this lower dose combined with standard yohimbine, it actually feels incredible, with no cold shakes.

Despite the higher weights for my circuit, I busted out about as many reps as usual, with the exception of my third set of lateral raises. I just refused to get less than my norm.


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This is spot on the effects it had for me, first wave is very mild, makes you wonder if there’s that much caffeine in it. But second wave is where it’s at, not overly stimmed out, but a nice smooth energy with aggression. Thermo effects were better than I expected, definitely a winner for those that want to sweat.

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Yup, I’m logging regular PreCre right now. Lasts forever.

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Everyone loves PreCre and XS and yes the XS definitely builds up a sweat


Any updates?

Yup, but I’ve had 3 exams since my last one, so time has been tight to type up my usual longer post :pensive: :gun:

Update should be coming either later tonight or earlier tomorrow.

I apologize for they’re still being no updates! I haven’t forgotten or slacked off, I’ve still just been staying busy 24/7…

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Did I miss what college and degree you are working towards?

That sounds really passive aggressive, man, I’m hoping I’m misreading the tone.

I’m going into physical therapist assistance. For my practical next week, we have to know the origin, insertion, action, fiber direction, and innervation of literally every muscle of the upper body. Earlier this week we had to know the exact frequencies, pulse durations, electrode placements, and current settings for each and every form of electrotherapy (there are many), and how to program those settings into several of the more popular machines seen in clinics today. Any grade below a B on any assignment is a hard fail, and any two below-B averages and you’re kicked out of the program.

I’ve gotten to the gym about twice in two weeks because I just don’t have time. Sorry if I’m seeming defensive, like I said, I read the response in a kind of harsh tone, and I’m pretty stressed for obvious reasons.

@Caribou wasn’t meant to be…wasn’t sure if you had written about the PT in a previous area of this thread that I overlooked.

I have a BS in Exercise Science from FSU, loved Anatomy and Phys but certainly kicked my ass.

Speaking of insertion, I was just diagnosed via MRI with 2 full frontal tears of my left shoulder. I go to a specialist on Monday for next steps

Great luck with your exam


Had to be an FSU guy smh, douches lol

I have a couple of friends that attended, had some great great times over there.

@Msseffect I went back later in life so I wasn’t a douche ignoramous but thanks for the kind words :grinning:

How did the practicals go?

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ACED. UPDATES COMING LIKE. RIGHT AFTER I SUBMIT THIS. I’ve been keeping my thoughts in my workout log so I can update with the few I’ve managed to get in.

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I was so busy wondering if I could…I didn’t stop to think if I should.

The flavor on this was awful but to say this was one of the most potent pre-workouts I’ve had would be an understatement. Further commentary will be on “pure” PreCre XS since that’s what I’m supposed to be reviewing, but…if you happen to have both products on hand, give it a go one day when you’re doing a lot of upper body work.

Which I did.

8 sets of 5 at 70% of an inflated 1RM on bench.
Several sets of a new version of rows I was recommended (a handle from a high cable pulley, cocked slightly at the hips, so that it begins like a pullup/lat pulldown but finishes like a row, gives the gnarliest pumps).
My usual giant set trio of bicep curls/lying tricep extensions/delt work, three sets of AMRAP for each movement.

My girl got a LOT of gym selfies this day, the pump was absurd. My bicep vein was showing for probably the first time in my life (#FattyStruggle), my already usually vascular forearms were showing veins I didn’t even know I had.

Not to mention the energy. The 8th set on bench finished just as cleanly as the first.