C4 smart energy review(electric sour)

This was won in a giveaway.

The taste is kind of a more sour lemon lime, focus on the lime, with maybe a hint of green apple. Pretty unique and very good. 5/5. Not a daily driver type of flavor in my opinion, but nice if you feel like something a bit sour.

200 mg of caffeine from a fermented green tea extract, no clue what effect this has over regular caffeine, but props for not just going with 300 mg of caffeine
Cognizine citicoline A Great choline source/nootropic, rare to see in energy drinks, and a great addition.
0 grams of sugar, Also good, we don’t really need sugar sweetened drinks in our diet, and the taste is very good for a zero calorie drink

The NALT seems to be underdosed, given that it is under the niacinamide, this is pretty common in energy drinks, but still worth bringing up.

This sells in bulk packs for around 2$ a can, compared with similar energy drinks this is well priced, and taste great. The cognizine is the big selling point.

Great flavor and formula. Nice to see ingredients dose properly in an energy drink.
Easily the best value at its price point.


Huge thanks for getting the review up, definitely appreciate it.

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I need to try this. Do they carry this at GNC ?

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Yes they do, online and at most stores.

Have to give this flavor a try.

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I just drank my last one. Love it, but gotta try another flavor next!

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