C4 Carbonated Orange Slice

C4 Carbonated Orange Slice


Got a shipment in from NutraBolt. If you like orange soda, you will LOVE this flavor!

No artificial colors or dyes, so no need for me to show a picture of the liquid - but it tastes like Sunkist!

This is one goes in my top 3 favorite energy drinks, hands down! It will be a mainstay in my fridge for as long as I can tell!


Can’t wait to try this…


I just bought a can yesterday! I’m giving it a go tomorrow


Where you driving to?


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: “CAN”, I meant “CAN”


You grab one at GNC? I will have to see if I can find one until we start carrying them at campus to see if I want a case.


Nope, I grabbed it at a local mom and pop shop


Thanks got none of those here. I’ll take a look


Love a well done orange flavor. Going to give this a try next time I’m at a brick & mortar.


Who loves orange soda?

Anyone else remember that line? :laughing:


“I do I do I dooooooooo”!!! I remember this of course :grin:


From an orange soda lover, this flavor is bomb. I still can’t believe there hasn’t been a solid orange energy drink flavor yet.


Can’t wait to try this. Gotta get through my case and a half of grape and tropical first :smiley:


Update: It’s soooooooo GOOD


See?!?! I try not to over hype stuff - but this is legit.


Buying a case next week then. I trust you