C4 Carbonated Giveaway

C4 Carbonated Giveaway


You know the drill - comment to win!

2 winners will receive a can of C4 Carbonated!

(For anyone who has yet to receive a giveaway from me, I apologize. It’s finals at Law School and I may be behind on a shipment)


Pick me !


I’m down to 1500 calories per day. I need something tasty, caffeinated, and sugar free to keep me occupied!
I don’t like black coffee, and I’m tired of drinking Monster crap (they all taste the same!)


I would love to try these they look awesome!!!


Interested in trying a can…


Remember, in group preference.

Also good luck on the law school finals.


I would love to try this flavor! Good luck on finals too!


Good luck with finals! I just got done with my semester thank god haha. First time commenting on the forums! Hope I can get a chance to win!


Love a good energy drink and would provide an honest review. Thanks for the promo!


Would love the chance to try this, love some Cellucor.


You’re only 3 months late on this one! ; )

Just messing with you. We are due for another giveaway, though.