Bulk, Cut, or Recomp?

Hey all, I’ve been doing my best to keep my routine going without the gym - trying to figure out if my time working out at home is best spent bulking up or cutting?

I’ve never been very lean (especially not to the point of seeing my abs), and although this is a goal I wonder if I should be patient and focus on building more of a foundation of muscle. I’m curious if I would look good at this level of muscle mass cutting down to 10%, or if I should spend my time bulking up.

I can’t seem to find a body fat percentage picture that looks like my situation, so I’m not sure if I’m above 15% or not, and should cut down? What do you all think?

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I don’t believe that your goals should change…

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Gyms open or not I would make your focus in nutrition.


Yeah what’s the age old rule 90% of diet is in the kitchen and 10% in the gym. Something like that


If you’ve got equipment at the house and are able to utilize your normal routines, do what makes you happy. I’m fine having a layer of fat around my gut as long as I’m also stronk, stronk is priority. Maybe you agree, maybe you don’t.

If you’re just doing like pushups and chinups and stuff just to stay active, then now’s the perfect time to be cutting, no?

If I didn’t have a gym, my #1 priority would be Maintains muscle tissue. They need stimulus and if you can’t provide that, you need to keep eating so your body doesn’t Go catabolic on the muscle tissue.

My advise only. It’s much easier to lose fat than to gain muscle. Preserve muscle at all costs if you can’t train properly. All that to say, I would do a cross between a recomposes and bulk.

Eat plenty of calories from protein and fat, but minimize carbohydrates on days you aren’t really pushing your body or doing substantial exercise.