Build Fast Formula FullBlitz Pre-Workout.. a DougEFresh Review

Thanks to @TheSolution for selecting me to review this… and for the extra goodies.

and the label (I’ll go into more detail on it, when i have more time)

tonight i’m training chest, and jumped in with 2 level scoops in a cup of ice cold water.

With what i call the “spoon test”

a quick stir…

and she’s a beautiful purple (Beet Root & Blue Spirulina, so looks like all natty colors)

side note, i love bubble gum and love Grape flavored supplements, and boy this one is delicious.

not that super sweet, borderline unbearable you get from the 1st few seconds of the bubblegum, but a nice smooth flavor, not overpowering, making you wish you added more water, or reaching for me as soon as you finish drinking this. i really enjoyed it… being ice cold water, (as directed) did differently help, i’ll add… i eyeballed the recommended 8-10 oz of water as well.

less residue, than i expected considering it was stirred.

taste is excellent, “stir-ability” excellent!

time to bench!


And my last meal was 3 hours ago (busy work days, fuck with my meal timing).

Gyu-don Bowl (beef, onions, soft boiled egg, pickled ginger, rice)


Awww man you lucky dog, I want that hydrator so bad!! lol, hoping to get it when I order more Vasoblitz and samples of FullBlitz…looking forward to your results and how the Y is in there.

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If you put in an order with my coupon Bob15 forward me your invoice for VasoBlitz. Ill add the shaker on my dime brother.


yaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssss!!! Your the best Bob!

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I am pretty sure I wrote that on your log or on AM somewhere.
You support me, I support you. Just like how I sent some extra goodies to the fellas on here for their reviews/logs

Favor for a Favor how we do !

Yeah I remembered reading it, then I forgot where! lol! Hence why I had the idea in my head. Favor for a favor, I am all about it!

Do you or anyone else know how much yohimbine that extract yields? I am guessing since it is 2.3mg of extract probably about 2mg actual.

trained fasted Sunday morning, good energy and focus, considering lack of sleep.

currently have 2 scoops in my shaker, for my back to “regular scheduled program”… work has been rough this past week.

will, update tonight.


Eager to see how the comparison is fasted and fed when you get a minute and give it a whirl.

Korean BBQ wings.

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the guys at my gym have been hooting and hollering about this. Is it true in your experience too that the DMAE smooths out the Y?

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I personally have 0 sides with Full Blitz in both a fasted and fed state and have complete concentration and energy throughout my workouts maybe Doug will be able to chime in the more he uses if

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same here… but i am not a big responder to Y either… so if you are, take my input there, at your own risk.

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How many scoop serving is this?

Are they offering the 7 serving size to test it out?

Asking for a friend

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Bill did you read @Dougefresh93 first post that shows the label!? Maybe your friend needs to go back and get his glasses checked :slight_smile:

It says 2 scoops (20g) Servings per container 24

Here are all the items available for sale:

and write from the description on the page:
FULLBLITZ™ is a fully-disclosed pre-workout formula packed with 19+ grams of ingredients per serving at 24 servings per bottle.

FullBlitz is only tubs ATM, no samples. Just samples of Vasoblitz
Coupon: Bob15 if you wanna try it out.

I have had many others test it on another board , and some who do not respond well to Y took Fullblitz with 0 sides.

I was specifically told there would be no reading involved.

And I only asked about FB having a 7 serving size because they did that with VB.

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^^^ You also asked about this.
all the info is right on the webpage and above for you
No Samples of FullBlitz, maybe in the future but I don’t know their plans on that ATM