Build Fast Formula Eighty:20 Cinna-A-Doodle Crunch & Peanut Butter Chocolate

Build Fast Formula Eighty:20

Cinna-A-Doodle Crunch – Cinna A Doodle Crunch is a hybrid flavor of snickerdoodle cookies and cinnamon toast crunch cereal. Upon my first sip, the density of the cinnamon sugar is present, but the backend provides the leftover milk of cinnamon toast crunch. If you are looking for a refreshing cinnamon based protein powder this is the one to go with. Cinna-A-Doodle Crunch doesn’t blast your taste buds with a dense cinnamon sugar flavor instead you get the best of both worlds with the cinnamon sugar compliments the cereal milk flavor in the backend. For those who love cinnamon based things, this is a must get.

Peanut Butter Chocolate - Build Fast Formula decided to mix hybrid milk and dark chocolate with a peanut butter compliment. The peanut butter flavor is on point with a welcoming dense and creamy addition. If there was one minor nitpick it would be to add a hint of salt to make it truly pop. I would rank this a 60/40 ratio of chocolate to peanut butter. There is still a good mix of both flavors making It incredibly enjoyable. If you enjoyed the chocolate lava cake from Build Fast Formula, this is a great upgrade with the peanut butter backend flavor.

Benefits of Blends

Improve Lean Body Mass

Better Muscle Growth:

Higher Rate of Muscle Protein Synthesis

Increase Muscle Protein Synthesis

The combination of micellar casein and whey stimulates muscle protein synthesis (MPS) for six hours, inhibits muscle protein breakdown (MPB), and has been scientifically proven to have greater nitrogen retention than whey or micellar casein alone.


Build Fast Formula Eighty:20 is a heavy casein blend. Due to the fact casein is on the thick side I would suggest the following for mixing the protein powder.

As a Shake, I would do 6-8oz per scoop. This will be on the thicker side due to the ingredient profile, so some who want a thinner shake go with 10-12oz. I find that even with 6-8oz of liquid there were no clumps left when mixed up in a generic blender bottle. The texture is smooth and has a milkshake resemblance.

Protein Pudding/Sludge:
This is one of my favorite ways to use protein powder. Due to the heavy casein content, this mixes extremely thick. Compared to other protein blends on the market I find this comes out just a step below a straight casein powder, which I personally prefer. Even if you do mix this with just protein and water in a bowl it has a great consistency to it. When mixed with greek yogurt it makes almost a custard-iike texture similar to a dairy queen blizzard. I could turn my spoon upside down with it sitting on my spoon.


Per Scoop:

110 Calories
1g Fat
3g Carbs
23g Protein

80% Micellar Casein
20% Whey


I will wait by my computer for the big sale on Monday.

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Yes Sir
Details are here

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Nice review! Super-excited to try these after falling in love with the Chocolate & Vanilla.

Also… good to see BFF get these launched after supply-chain craziness apparently set them back :rocket:.


No joke. These flavors are next level compaed to the OG.
The PB Chocolate is legit Reeses


well mine arrive tomorrow in the Burgh, one more thing I will get to enjoy when I return in 10 days lol!! super excited now!


Fired up my muffins and donuts with these today

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Build Fast Formula Eighty:20
Cinna-A-Doodle Crunch
PB Chocolate
New flavors are up and at discounted rate $24.65

2nd product announcement will come
First thing in the AM and Youtube Review to follow!


PES Snickerdoodle and Ghost Cinnamon Cereal Milk have both been favorites of mine. I’m thinking Cinna-A-Doodle Crunch might just dethrone-a-them-both.


Look forward to your feedback sir.

Feedback from another forum:
Anyhow, the 80/20 stands for 80% micellar casein/20% Whey. Basically casein is a slow moving protein and whey is a faster protein. Combined you get a nice mix of slow & fast protein synthesis which works on you for 6 hours. In layman’s terms this is a good mix, especially for muscle building.

25 servings per bag. This is the quality of a 40$ protein normally sold for 29$. But with the Bob15 code I got it for just under 1$ a serving which is a phenomenal value for a top tier quality protein.

Mixed perfectly. No clumps or residue stuck to the bottom of the glass. It’s a very smooth yet thicker shake, even with 16 oz water. That’s just my typical preference. Just a note, the less water the thickness and flavor increase.

Flavor is very good, even at 16 oz. you definitely get a nice subtle cinnamon, a la snickerdoodles. I didn’t really get the crunch part til I got to the end of the glass, which just means settling occurred, just means more crunch in future servings

Ok, now the elephant in the room. I obviously watch my calorie intake, and this flavor is only 100 calories per serving. Transparent label shows 23g protein which falls in line with the 20-25 range I look for. .5g fat and 2g carb which actually comes in at 104.5 calories, which is very close to the 100 listed so right in line with what’s listed.

Bottom line. Delicious quality protein at a value price.


Deals last until tomorrow

Put together my own impressions after taking advantage of the launch deal…

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Main Impressions

  • Hits evenly — 50/50 — with notes of Chocolate and Peanut Butter.
  • The chocolate seems to be on the sweeter, milk chocolate side — a bit more so than BFF’s Chocolate Lava Cake.
  • Being 80% Micellar Casein, the texture is wonderfully dense and creamy.
  • PB could use a bit more saltiness — but my handy Sea Salt shaker solve that :laughing:.

Subjective Note

When it comes to protein shakes, I’m wary of “Chocolate Peanut Butter” as a concept. The two flavors tend to cancel each other out, leaving me desiring a fuller, richer experience of one or the other instead.

BFF’s Chocolate PB falls into that trap a bit here, and given how well-done their Chocolate Lava Cake is, I can’t help but feel like they’d have been better off going full PB with the new flavor. Again, though, that’s purely subjective. (Consider it a killer idea for the future.) If you ARE into Chocolate PB, this is a top-tier product — and one I wouldn’t hesitate to use as a Chocolate PB go-to.

Final Score:

9.1 / 10

Cinna-A-Doodle Crunch

Main Impressions

  • Hits evenly — 33:33:33 — on notes of cinnamon spice, snickerdoodle sweetness, and snickerdoodle pastry-ness (AKA the “Crunch”, I assume).
  • As with Chocolate PB — and as is the nature of the formula — texture is wonderfully dense and creamy.
  • Flavor is executed fantastically — both on the initial hit, and in the aftertaste, which can sometimes be a bit too spicy with Cinnamon-Snickerdoodle flavors, but not here. I think the denser consistency and pastry aspects of the flavoring help dampen that effect in just the right way.


To me, this a clear winner of PES Snickerdoodle — one my (now-previous) favorites of the genre.

Another genre favorite is Ghost Cinnamon Cereal Milk. In terms of taste, I’d say the two can live side-by-side. Ghost runs a bit sweeter with less of a pastry-like kick, but it’s wonderfully executed in it’s own right. 80:20’s formula is more to my personal liking, however — so for me, it has the edge.

Overall, this is a well-profiled, well-flavored, well-textured product in a genre that far too often relies on its name appeal alone. (The silly name is pretty cool, too, though :laughing:).

Final Score:

9.4 / 10


Given my previous 80:20 reviews, my rankings come out as:

  • Vanilla
  • Cinna-a-Doodle Crunch
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Chocolate

… Can’t go wrong with any of them, though :smiley:


I feel bad for those who passed on the deal!
Both flavors are awesome and I appreciate the incredible review. Thank you so much for your support.


Awesome review. Awesome to see vanilla being in your number 1 spot. If is damn good


Exactly why I bought 2 More bags on the sale!

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@DaSlaya you review your purchase yet? @SteelerBill13 ?

I did not…

And you call yourself a blitz brother :laughing:


I would order it but in the middle of a move so we need to limit the kitchen supply until then

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