BSN Syntha-6 Cold Stone Creamery Jump-Starts BSN's Rebrand

BSN Syntha-6 Cold Stone Creamery Jump-Starts BSN's Rebrand


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The company that brought us one of the original modern pre-workouts in N.O. Xplode and one of the first ever truly delicious-tasting whey proteins in Syntha-6, BSN is taking a step forward and is re-branding from the standard BSN look we have seen over the last fifteen years! On the… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


I have the chocolate mint ice cream on the way!


excellent move for them IMO

what if i said i never once had Cold Stone Creamery? am i missing out?


What about Marble Slab?


Lol sorry guys but this is a bs product. Just slapping a cold stone label and names on flavors I’m sure they already had R&D. Not hating on BSN, since they know how to flavor, but I’m fairly confident Coldstone had no input on flavoring. Flavoring Ice cream vs supplement is completely different


Yes, but if you’ve had Ben & Jerry’s from an actual Ben & Jerry’s, not the frozen pints, then that’s better than Coldstone, so


You have Lake Effect up in Buffalo. Blows it away.
Beats most grocery ice creams. I think you can get Graeter’s in Buffalo too at Wegmans which beats Coldstone. Coldstone is decent chain ice cream, but nothing to write home about. Coming from a guy who buys ice cream all over the U.S. and has probably tried every combination at Coldstone ha. I think I have had close to 350 pints in the last 5 years from every major company around the U.S. and most grocery store ice cream and reviewed them all. Coldstone to me is as mediocre as most B&J flavors


I don’t care about the name a company slaps on the bottle, I am just happy for another mint chocolate chip flavor! One of favorite flavors if done right.


The best mint chocolate chip ice cream that I have had is Breyer’s to be honest. It’s the only mint ice cream that is white in color that I know of. But it is so tasty.


Breyer’s is bottom of the barrel for mass produced grocery:
Give these a shot if you can:

Chocolate Shoppe Mint Chip
New Orleans Ice Cream Company Mint Cookie
Graeter’s Mint chocolate Chip
Little G’s Chocolate Mint Cookie

All of these would be far better choices, but you may not have access to them. Most people have only had grocery ice cream, if you ever get a chance to try some of the best ice creams in the US its a game changer for flavor/taste.


not Black Stone Labs ice cream?

@TheSolution you try that stuff?


Packed protein ice cream like Halo Top , Enlightened, Blackstone etc is way overpriced and mostly full of artificial sugars and sweeteners. I would pass because its playing Russian roulette with my stomach and how they handle them. I have had a few englightened and halo tops (Company sent to me) they surly did not like my feedback when I gave it to them… It belongs in the trash.

Would not pay $10 a pint for the blackstone stuff. I can take a scoop of whey + 1 cup almond milk and throw into my ice cream maker for much cheaper and make it taste just as good. Plus if i wanted to add chocolate chips or a small mix -in I could fold it in the end. Cuisine Art Ice Cream maker was like $30 on amazon and super cheap to use. Takes 10 minutes, or use a ninja blender with a bunch of ice to make a thick ice cream.

A little bit more expensive now then when I got mine a few years ago.


Graeters is overrated. I don’t get the big draw with them, it’s subpar at best.

Cold stone has never impressed me however I would like to try a German Chocolate Cake protein. Especially since it’s BSN who is good at protein flavoring and has been for a long time.


I am a Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip guy (Ice Cream HOF-worthy). But I just can’t drink that as protein…call me crazy but…


I’m Texan. Just give me Blue Bell! ; )


Give me a plain vanilla shake and I’m happy.


Blue Bell is objectively trash tier ice cream, but as a fellow deep-southerner, it’s a part of my culture and I can’t deny my love for it.


Absolutely - doesn’t stand next to the greats, but I’ll always love it.

Same as Kraft macaroni and cheese!


has to be the OG elbows, the other noodle shapes mess with the texture


Agree on blue bell . It’s very light so it shows it lacks density and premium quality . Plus the mix ins are incredibly hit or miss