Branch Warren Interview | History + Introducing Wicked Cutz

his preworkout is an all time worst supplement ever made.


Wow that’s amazing. Maybe the Crossbones Blend has some awesome stuff in it and they just forgot to type it in

Either way great interview, especially the part where he talks about the guy who “discovered” him and got him into the world. Never underestimate the influence you can have in someone’s life!


Hopefully I’ll get some of that gym footage ready this weekend.

If crossbones are what make this guy great - then sign me up for some. Never witnessed someone workout as intense as Branch. It was incredible to be a part of it.

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Missing a C in citric acid. Doesn’t show what’s in the crossbones blend. Bit sketchy of a label

Yesh his supplements are terrible.

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Branch’s line of horrible supps, has the USA colors on them, not like the one you posted above, but that whole brand is, ummm not good.

Branch is one of those guys who doesn’t need supplements. I think those of use who NEED supps actually take more care intkformulations. They are selling the Branch Warren brand - similar to other companies, the name is what people are buying. His mindset and intensity can’t be vocalized, so I don’t think even takes preworkout.

Hands down the most dedicated and intense guy I’ve ever trained with!

His supplements might not be the best, but definitely try out his jerky!

he is accepting a huge paycheck (I even have a good idea of how much), from Black Skull to use his name, don’t sugar coat it.

Not sugar coating it. That is the business - and it works. Good for him for monitizing on his popularity.

I do wish the the preworkout was better though, to your point.


just busting on ya…

i always thought they were a South American company, hence the weak labels, but i believe they are based out of Florida, so I don’t get it.

But I’m bulking!

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Who needs supplements when you got Avocado toast


And TRT…because “hey, it isn’t a performance enhancer!”


Black Skull is known to be sketchy. They used Lee Priest’s image without his consent. After all it’s a company from where regulations/ethics are different, and the good thing is, we ALL know this brand is bullshit, thanks to social media. It’s not like they put up a fancy label, and the actual doses are different.