BPI Sports - Best Aminos & Best Energy - Fuel Your Water

Our new liquid (Best Aminos and Best Energy) drops will help you increase your water intake. Fuel Up!

35$ for a pack of 6 containing 24 servings each, works out to about 4 servings 1$
For that you get
400 mg of BCAAs(2:1:1)
400 mg L lysine, and
50 mg everything else, dispersed among 24 oz.

So this is going to live or die on the flavor.

In the BCAA and EAA category.

Well best of luck to you guys.

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If it helps most users consume more water throughout the day, it’s a win in my book. Also, all the flavors are done very well

It’s in a weird market place since it has to compete with crystal light/great value water flavorings on one end, and scivation’s xtend on the other.
It’s priced at nearly 6$ a bottle, barely manages a gram of EAAs per dollar, and only offers 4.5 liters of flavored water for 6$, something you can get for under a 1.5$ with a normal water flavoring packets.

Looks like they’re following VPX’s lead. Same idea as bang energy drink. Take a mainstream product, pixie dust a couple ergogens, suddenly we have a new “revolutionary” drink to sip on.

I would rather use Mio at half the price or even less. Probably the same amount of aminos as well lol :joy:

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You should hook up with @Robert about getting a YouTube taste review going.

Pretty sure they’re not gonna be too friendly on the formula though, given the name. I think the idea is of course cool for you to take on, but how in the hell can you call it “Best Aminos” when there can’t possibly be enough of them to make it so?

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I have a funny feeling most users will be completely satisfied with Best Aminos and Best Energy

Best Energy is a great flavor enhancer and energizer for iced or hot tea. Raspberry Ice Garcinia is another option for tea.

Gonna be honest selling BPI products here is going to be such an uphill battle you may as well be rock-climbing.


I hope people focus as much on their training as they do on supplement panels

Sheesh, stuff gettin’ low-key heated in the company promotions sub, lmao

I didn’t realize this was in the company promo section myself. So I guess they should be able to post about their products even if they’re below subpar and not get slack (unless PP allows that which would be lol)


fwiw, it wasn’t at first, I think Mike just quietly scootched it over to the right spot

1000% agreed! Personally i’ve never been a fan of the company as a whole, but their flavors are pretty good. They should really stop calling everything “Best” though as nothing they offer is the best, period

So, the fugitive comes in and pimps a crappy product, people tell him his crappy product is crappy, and he comes back with “do you guys even lift?”

Good salesman there.


As long as you aren’t dieting. You don’t need those extra calories from BCAA’s.

We all known BPI is a terrible brand that hides behind prop. blends guys, no need to tear apart such a defenseless child of a company


educated consumer, are your worst enemy. lol

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This is the industry’s fault though. BPI is smart for eating up all that SEO stuff, and everyone just let them get those trademarks. Bad on every other company.

Overall I think this product would be fine of they called it “Best Liquid Energy” or something. Putting the word “Aminos” in it makes core consumers mad and mainstream consumers more cautious.

Correct, I did for both of @TheFugitive’s posts - Fug, please use Company Promotions as the category when posting stuff like this. Everyone else can use the flag button and I’ll eventually move stuff.

The effect is the same though, right now Company Promotion stuff still shows up on the homepage. Some day we may need to limit that but for now I welcome the debate.

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