Q1-2018 Report is Out... and It's DEVASTATING Q1-2018 Report is Out... and It's DEVASTATING


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Last week, supplement industry mastermind Josh Schall of J.Schall consulting reported on our YouTube channel that GNC was closing 200 stores in 2018 per their Q1-2018 quarterly earnings report… and it looks like they’re not the only “industry giant” getting crushed at the hands of the ‘death star’ and changing… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Ya the online market is competitive right now due to amazon’s free shipping making it allot easier to just buy from there, and bodybuilding’s layout makes finding specific products difficult.

Plus they are in a weird spot of not having the best prices, the fun products or a competitive shipping policy.


Sad, but they had it coming. Lets cross our fingers for some epic an epic liquidation sale (if that day ever comes).

I remember starting off my bodybuilding career with that site. From buying products, to free gifts with every order, and using their online plans… the good ole’ days.

They could have made BodySpace such a more integrated community - sad they let the chance slip through their hands.



They needed to change but never did or did a piss poor job of it. Bodyspace being a great opportunity they fucked up. It’s still sad, they’re the online OG.


The forums got invaded by redpillers and 4channers, their prices weren’t competitive, and they didn’t provide any information that couldn’t be found for free elsewhere. Sucks for them.


I remember they would have awesome Christmas sales, Black Friday sales, and Olympia week sales. Everyone else followed suit.


I agree with all these posts.They have been the same for years with no progression, and made matters worse recently by removing so much free content. I purchased supps from them for years. I have several free old Tshirts buried in my closet to show for it…


Really enjoyed - sad to see what his happening. But when you can’t compete…

And that explains why I’ve been receiving more emails from Jim Stoppani lately…and see that he is posting more YouTube Videos.


LOL good. those bastards have been taking their customer base for granted for YEARS. not to mention the idiot mods on th forums. you got that douchebag iceman1800 or whatever his name is banning people left an right for the slightest reasons. haha the chickens are coming home to roost now. and especially misc mods can suck a fat one. you did this to yourselves. fire your misc mods and get new ones and people might actually be loyal and support you.


I use Amazon all the time to buy supplements. If the shipping is late, you get it credited back to you plus a free month of Prime. Hard to compete with that alone. I’ve taken advantage of that many times.
Now it pains me to have to pay shipping costs on other sites, and generally the shipping is not as fast as Amazon’s.


Capitalism, overcome and adapt if you want to succeed. Good for amazon, now we, as consumers, will get better services from others that need to play catch up in order to compete



Capitalism? More like a monopoly. When I first had prime it was $79. Now that price is raised to $119.

Not everything is 2 day shipping.

Now there’s all these other services and products that are not included like prime pantry and other ones that are slipping my mind.

I am all for getting better prices as a consumer but realize this will only increase unemployment, amazon is already integrating AI in their warehouses.

Don’t exactly see how anyone can adapt to compete with amazon, a company that was in the red for years and years.

If a business wants to compete they would need to operate at a loss. Tell me how that is good for the economy? Let’s not forget the tax break bezos and amazon get. Good bye middle class.


Please remove this video of me at once


I’ve all but stopped using Amazon. Bezos is truly the scum of the earth.

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They lost one of my packages and credited me for it and sent me my replacement for what I ordered. I then had my original package on my doorstep as well a few days later. Can’t compete with that


Jobs get made for those manufacturing, designing, coding, maintaining the AI software.

Then order somewhere else, you literally just supported my point that capitalism is great. Don’t buy if you don’t like it, support other companies, and their success makes others update their services provided


Love Amazon Prime…And more than happy to pay for the value we receive for it.