Blackstone trojan horse log results

Blackstone trojan horse log results


Felt like giving the conclusion its own thread
The results 5 pounds lost after 6 weeks. About 3 lost in the first 3 weeks and the last 2 lost in the final week and a half. To be honest a rather underwhelming result, far from the 20 pounds in 4 weeks they had in the pilot study.

Now I’m rather interested why it didn’t work, there are 4 possibilities I can think of.

  1. I didn’t diet well.
    While I didn’t have the strictest diet it was still low enough in calories to cause weight loss so I would throw this out.

  2. The pyruvate didn’t get absorbed properly
    The way I took the pyruvate was basically shotgunning it with some water to avoid the taste as much as possible, Now due to the way it dissolves in water(it doesn’t, at least not easily) it is possible that it didn’t get absorbed down the line, which would lower its effectiveness.

  3. My style of dieting(keto/fasting) while running it resulted in low ATP production, which resulted in a lack of uncoupling, thus making the product ineffective.
    This is my pet theory that I realized after looking at the science again, It would appear I read the way to worked backwards and put too much stock on the oxaloactetate to malate conversion, rather then the ATP uncoupling.
    I attempted to test this with a high carb low fat diet toward the end(the last week and a half) but ran out, I might be down two pounds but due to the inaccuracy of the scale and weighting in general I am not sure. I would like to do further testing but don’t want to invest more money into this right now.
    I also asked Blackstone’s customer support, they said it didn’t matter, and the guerrilla chemist who agreed carbs would help with the uncoupling

  4. The product just doesn’t work or was massively over hyped in the marketing.
    Assuming none of the others are true this is what I am left with, which would be a major shame. I attempted to look for more studies on it but came up blank, and there are not allot of good reviews out there so its hard to come to a better conclusion

In conclusion unless I see further testing I would say It does not seem to work, at least not to the degree the pilot study/their marketing suggest it does. If I had money to burn I would try it again to confirm my findings.

Trying out blackstone lab's trojan horse(sort of)

I’m honestly not very familiar with the intricacies of uncoupling, so keep that in mind as I throw out this random thought. I think uncoupling happens primarily in fat cells, so if you’re already somewhat lean, you may get reduced effects from this. Something that works on a process which happens within a fat cell would probably work better in obese individuals. Any thoughts about that?


To my understanding it works on the ATP system not in the fat cells themselves, if nothing else it would work better since the fat takes some energy to keep up.

That said I’m not particularly ripped or anything :P.


Ah, so clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about! :grimacing: