Bill's Muscle Elements Post Pro Log

Bill's Muscle Elements Post Pro Log


Ok…I’ve been asked to move this here…sorry about the confusion gentlemen:

Ok folks…

First thank you again for the Post Pro and the shaker and yes the handwritten note. Great stuff.

Today was AthleanX 2. I’m in week 3 of the program and love it… I’m 49 and have trained for as long as I can remember (former college athlete - well very former). Needed to find a program that made me ‘move more’ and this is it. I love the program. And the need for post-workout is huge.

Today…leg day.

Pre-Workout: Redcon1 Total War
Intra-Workout: Primeval Labs IntraCell
Post: Guess

Tiger Fitness Tshirt and Shaker
Metcon 3’s

(I’m a walking NASCAR vehicle)

DB Creeping Lunges 3x10
Step up/Lunge combo 3x10
Lateral 2 foot skier hop and squat 3x45 seconds (no wind - conditioning is not good)
Physioball bench glute ham raise 4x10
Slick floor Alt Bridge Extensions 3x10

Coming off of a week long back spasm (still kept training) and felt pretty good for a Saturday.

Post Pro? Flavor was amazing…It tastes like summer is the best way to put it. Really enjoyed it Mixed well in 16-20 oz of water…Feel good a few hours later. Really like it thus far.

The only side note is the crash from Total War…oh boy…when that hits…watch out.


And away we go…

This is shoulder and rotator cuff day

Legs are still a little tired/sore from my training session on Saturday - but tomorrow is MetCon day and yeah…that won’t be pretty.

Pre-Workout: Legion Pulse
Intra: Primeval IntraCell
Post: Well you know

Backwards DB Shoulder press 3x12 (this program emphasizes TUT)
Backwards DB Side Alt Side lateral drops 3x9 (are you seeing a theme here?)
DB Plate 8’s 3x8
Backwards DB Alt W Raises 3x8
RC Tubing Step outs 3x15

This is one of those workouts that you look forward to because you know it’s effective but won’t beat you up…good stuff.

And again Post Pro - really look forward to drinking it after my workout…it’s in the 50’s in Chicago today so it feels and tastes like summer (well maybe spring).


@SteelerBill13, again appreciate your time and investment. Are you slamming the Post Pro or adequately drinking? Bloating or anything?

Love how you added your dress attire as well.


“Tastes like summer”, haha that’s awesome. I’ve never heard it described that way before.


I mix it up prior to my workout and then sip on it after…probably for a half an hour or so…I work from home so I leave it in the fridge then drink it when I get home while reviewing emails etc…

So far so good…I don’t have any bloat or any other issues with it at all.

Oh and the attire…thought that added a little color to the post.


Best way to describe it Ryan. Which may make it difficult once the cold weather returns


Can’t think of too many better Pre/Intra/Post stacks!


Ok gentlemen (term used loosely of course)…

Work has been insane and I’m in internal meetings all week next week in San Francisco:

Today was MetCon day - AthleanX is calling it The King TUT challenge (TUT = Time Under Tension)

Each exercise is to be performed for 30 seconds - Left Leg first right leg second. 4 Rounds…and good luck.

Pre: LegionPulse (MegaPre has arrived and will be starting our next session)
Intra: IntraCell
Post: ME Post Pro

UA long sleeve t-shirt/Nike shorts/Inov-8 All-Train 215s (I like the shoes but ouch when you are doing Mountain climbers - not enough cushioning in the toe region)

Iso Step down hold (Yes it hurts - Literally stand on a bench lower one leg so that your thigh is almost parallel to said bench and hold on for dear life)

Step up thrusts (step ups with a little extra kick - or drive)

3 Point hovers (lower part of push up position - one leg in the air)

Mountain climbers

Iso split squat DB Side lateral hold (DBs shoulder height held out to your side)

DB overhead alternating split squat jumps (do not eat prior to performing this)

Cliffhanger planks (planks but arms outstretched as far as possible - then shake uncontrollably)

Cross Hop Planks (Plan position…both feet in…left…middle…right…in repeat)

I actually feel really good as I type this…and the taste of PostPro really helps…now back to work…

Side Note - current proteins are Machine Whey PB Cookies and Cream / CorWhey Cinnamon)


Christ, how do you stand that stuff. I haven’t found any whey (get it?) to make it taste good. Sucks cuz I bought a 5lb tub too


I mix it with the Instant Quaker Oats Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal each night before bed…and sometimes for breakfast…Outstanding


Whats the latest and greatest?


It’s going well / back to the (hotel) gym tomorrow. I like it


The biggest issue with traveling (4.5 hour flight to SF) is the fatigue of course - especially on a Sunday - and especially when your 8 year old was up last night…

That said I gave it the ol’ college try in a gym that had DBs that went up to…wait for it…30 LBS…not that I need 100 LB DBs but c’mon at least try to pretend you are a gym…

Of all days to go non-stim as well:

Pre: Primeval Labs MegaPre (Pineapple Mango - not a bad taste - very clean actually)
Intra: Primeval IntraCell
Post: Post Pro made the trip.

USP Labs barbell club t-shirt
UA Pants - they used to call them wind pants - I don’t know what the kids call them today
Metcon 3’s…

DB Bench 3x12 (what a waste - at this point I knew I was going to have to repeat this workout when I get home later in the week)

DB Tubing sunrise sunset paired with DIPS (3x10 and 3x failure respectively)

Band resisted pushups 3 x failure (hey what they hell is happening here? I don’t feel fatigued…my arms feel great…hmmm)

Elbows tucked DB Bench (3x10 - again…waste)

Alt Woodchopper pushdowns with Overhead tris

DB Band/Skullcrusher Combo 3x10 (I’m the idiot in the gym attempting to connect the bands to a treadmill)

I feel good but the exhaustion from lack of sleep and traveling coupled with the frustration with a bad gym…Eh…time to just go through these meeting and pick up again Thursday or Friday of this week…as reality strikes.


I meant to mention that I feel ‘pumped up’ which is strange based on the lack of real workout…and the fatigue…and the lack of any type of stim (realizing that stims do not provide pumps)…Interesting stuff that MegaPre…


Ok gentlemen…

Long long week of sitting in meetings - and flew back last night so today’s trip to the gym was more about ‘shaking off the rust’ than anything. AND despite my move toward less stims…today was one of those days that I needed them:

Pre: LegionPulse + Vasky
Intra: IntraCell
Post: Post Pro

DB Flat Bench 3x12

Tubing Sunrise/Sunset 3x10
Dips 3 x failure

Band Resisted Pushups 3xfailure

Elbows tucked DB Bench 3x10

Alt Woodchopper pushdowns 3x10
Overhead DB Tri extension

DB Band skullcrusher Combo 3x10

Again this was about shaking off the rust and lactic acid - I feel good - workout was good…I didn’t crush it but it didn’t crush me either.

The best part of the workout I believe was the lack of lactic acid build up in my arms/tri’s…(thank you pre) and the taste of the PostPro…(ahhhhh)

Next training session is scheduled for SB Sunday - and yes I know the Steelers are not in it


Follow up on this…a few hours later and I’m exhausted. Glad I went to the gym, but this week simply kicked my ass…


Ok folks…as the review of Arez plays in the background - I’m back from the gym. Our daughter was up a few times last night. With that said breakfast included Ambrosia Ritual with Pachamama coffee…

A couple of hours later off to the gym:

Pre: MegaPre + Onnit Shroom Tech Sport
Intra: IntraCell
Post: Post Pro

It snowed last night - so after doing a little shoveling it was off to the gym (10 minute walk in 20 degree weather - attempting to earn my man card this morning)

The walk to the gym had everything to do with survival at this point…Windchill is in the single digits and I’m pretty sure I lost feeling in my thumb - arrived at the gym and it was hot as hell in there:

Pullups 3 x Failure - (something has happened to me lately - I love this training program but the last 2 times I’ve done pullups…well I’m not very good at them anymore - and since this is on PricePlow I’ll just blame the supplements - typed sarcastically

Straight Arm Pushdowns
DB Lat Pullovers 3x12

1 Arm DB Row/Band combo (Rows with a band attached to the DBs) 3x12

Bicep curls 3x12

DB Fielder Curls (literally bend over - arms between your legs - shuffle to your left and curl - shuffle to your right - as if you were fielding a grounder but instead you are curling)
DB Band Stretch curls 3x12

Bicep DB Curl/band combo 3 x failure (I couldn’t quite get the grip with the band DB - so I opted for Band curls and did them to failure)

Ahh now the Post-Pro…there’s that taste…

One side note: I could now go lay down…I don’t know if its the snow…the lack of sleep or the fact that the Steelers are not in the Super Bowl…but my attempt to at the non-stim world well…I agree with Robert in the Arez video - enough of the feeling completely cracked out - that’s not what I’m looking for - but the little bit of caffeine does help.


Ur slacking, last 2 posts did not include attire, cmon now :grin:




Machine Militia Army Green T-shirt
Nike Gray Sparq shorts (old school)
3/4 length Nike Pro tights
Nike Metcon 3’s


That’s better, have a great day my friend