Big Hoop's BFF Fullblitz Review

Big Hoop's BFF Fullblitz Review

Many thanks to @TheSolution for organizing this opportunity and Matt Coleman for seeing fit to allow us this opportunity. This is a past due review on my part so let’s get this moving.

The Label:
It’s nice and refreshing to see a label that isn’t so complex.
6g – L-Citrulline
3.2g – Beta Alanine
2.5g – Betaine Anhydrous
2g – Arginine Nitrate (NO3-T)
2g – Calcium Lactate
800mg – 2-(Dimethylamino) ethanol Bitartrate (DMAE)
335mg – Caffeine Anhydrous
2.3mg – Yohimbe Bark Extract

Loading up with 6g of citrulline and 2g of arginine nitrate is the kind of pump/vascularity combo I look for first in a product. Adding a full beta alanine dose provides the muscular endurance you would hope for in any pre-workout. Another must-have for me is a full dose of betaine… which I will add myself if the product is lacking. Even though keeping the caffeine under 250mg is more my bag, 300-350mg with the likes of DMAE works to keep the focus even with the energy. The cool dose of yohimbe can contribute to that stim profile and spark that fire in your soul. The interesting and rare addition is 2g of calcium lactate for muscle contraction and good ol bone health.

I have had pretty much no issues with mixing unless i’m dealing with brain-freezing, ice cold water at the minimum water required… and that just means a little more shaking. If you leave it for a while, it can dilute and settle a little. But that’s not much different from any pre-workout that is well dosed.

I was provided a bottle of Blue Raspberry and ordered up Rainbow Candy. Blue Raspberry tastes as it is named except with a salted bitterness attached. I think of the blue flavored Gatorades with extra shots of salt. I could drink Blue Raspberry every day but pair them out with same flavored sports drinks to add more sweetness and hydration to my morning workouts. Rainbow Candy for me was a disappointing step down from Blue Raspberry. I get the taste of a sour, bitter, ambiguous fruit punch flavor. I will always handicap any flavor based on the ingredients being covered by the flavor, also considering that I could just have a bad batch. Rainbow Candy Vasoblitz is more like it and was hoping Fullblitz would go just as well.
Blue Raspberry 6/10
Rainbow Candy 5/10

Effects / Results:
The pump and vascularity is as epic as advertised. The disappointing thing was that I haven’t taken the requisite time to really dominate a workout, to see what Fullblitz can do for me. I leave the gym pumped, but knowing I could’ve done some more serious work.

The stim and thermo doesn’t feel messy at all. It comes around on time, stays even with the focus and doesn’t fry my nerves later on. The thermo from the yohimbe dose will miss on rare occasion, depending on how I’m feeling that day.

Since I workout early in the morning to start my day, I have to take a carb powder with some kind of hydration along with my pre-workout. I have taken Fullblitz fasted due to time though. Although the stim and thermogenesis hits a tad harder when fasted, the pump and vascularity side of it doesn’t get its full effect without any type of fuel beforehand.

I was already a follower of Kabuki Strength, but @TheSolution and @Clipper83 really brought me around on BFF when I wasn’t paying too much attention. Consider this my apology. Fullblitz and Vasoblitz occupy a top 5 spot on my list. I plan on being a regular with their product.


I took this week off from training to address some issues with my lower back and hips… Ibuprofen, muscle relaxers and light duty at my job were involved. Also took the opportunity to address a foot problem too.

This Monday I’m gonna get back to working out using the 1+1 vasoblitz / Fullblitz dosing for a week or two.

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After a week, the Fuseblitz 1+1 dosing is awesome for me. I never really need more than 200mg of caffeine… i just accept that most of the great pre-workouts have 300mg+ attached. I don’t like that i miss out on half the beta alanine and yohimbine, but i came around with the trade-off pretty quickly. This past week was also getting myself back in the swing of things after a week off. I’ll use this coming week to ramp back up.

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I am a huge fan of the 1/1 mix as well
Just enough caffeine but you get the perks of all the pump ingredients.

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