BEST Tasting Aminos PERIOD! | EAA Max By Primeval 💯


Good stuff! Been meaning to try another EAA brand and they have good deals often. Thanks.

Cherry Lemonade sounds really good to me. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some EAA’s, and Primevals EAA will be the one. I like getting a bit of science behind the supplements pre-taste, too. Great review, guys!

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I’ve noticed quite a difference between supplementation with BCAA’s and EAA’s. Thought it was a placebo at first, but my recovery has been far better since I added EAA’s in between meals. I’m going to have to give these a try

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Hype video posted to Insta and FB!


I’m interested in trying these, but my last experience with a BCAA/EAA combo gave me stomach issues (AMINO IV / PES)

Has anyone had any issues with this?

Funny you should mention that. I used to use BCAA’s all the time a few years ago but recently BCAA’s were messing up my stomach. Although I will say that IntraCell with EAA’s I’m perfectly fine with.

No, but another product with a close-ish amount of EAA is ProSupps HydroBCAA. That may help you determine if it was really the EAA, or the flavor system PES is using, which is always possible.


I am currently using IntraCell - is anyone also using EAA Max? Perhaps on non-training days? Asking for a friend. Thank you.

Just picked some up on The A1 Super Bowl sale, should be getting it tomorrow.

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Thank you - do use IntraCell as well

Nope, haven’t tried it.

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I have some from the first batch before they tweaked the flavors. CJ annihilated his tub!!

Hey Mike…first time caller…love your show…

What was the flavor again? (sorry I can go look at the video)…And I recall your mentioning that you really like and prefer to use IntraCell (which I use today)…any reason to add in EAA Max? Post? Or off days? Asking for a friend.

Thank you.

What are you trying to accomplish? IntraCell has the carbs and full EAA/BCAA blend, but maybe you just want more protein/aminos?

I was asking more out of curiosity than anything. Love IntraCell.

My take would be, add some raw unflavored aminos of your liking if you need more to balance out the carbs.

Given that this has carbs and flavoring and sweetening, I would think it could handle masking some nasty stuff!

I just got the EAA Max in the mail, was planning on trying it with this tub of unflavored Nutrabio Pre Extreme I haven’t been able to mask.

I do find it interesting they make an unflavored pre. For something so simple, it’s not common due to the raws tasting anywhere from Asshole-Regurgitated chili

P.S-I do NOT have experience with eating either…as of now :wink:

I haven’t seen an unflavored option for their V5, not sure if they’ll do one for this one. Either way I would not recommend the unflavored version, it might as well been called Asshole-Regurgitated chili flavor. First time I had it I threw in some sample amino I had gotten, think it was Cellucor and it did nothing. I took a gulp and almost had to spit it out. Got to give credit to their team for being able to mask that on their flavored versions