Best Protein Powder of 2019?! PricePlow's Top 5 Proteins!

Best Protein Powder of 2019?! PricePlow's Top 5 Proteins!

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I’m simply going to sit back and watch this thread unfold in 3…2…1…


Gotta keep the free supps and dollars rolling in. :man_shrugging:


Don’t whine without providing substance. Who would you of liked to have seen on the list?

Would of been good to have seen a top 5 blends and top 5 isolates

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For one, I don’t recall value being discussed in this video for any of the proteins. Some of them only come in smaller sized tubs & have limited distribution. I would like to see a list of top 5 proteins/supplements that they have actually paid for within the last year or so. Also, the #5 protein is one they both admitted gives them stomach issues at anything more than a scoop per day.

Was surprised to see no love for @GaspariNutrition Proven Egg (as all selections were dairy based) or even something from the @TeamCellucor Xtend line of proteins.


What is your top 5 Devin? Just out of curiosity.
I know my top 5 would be different from PP, but we are all entitled to our own opinions.

I would also like to see everyone else post their top 5, so that way we can see what everyone dose like (and may help others branch out to new products).

For me my top 5 would include: (If money is not a factor)

XF 2.0 (Some of the best tasting protein powders I ever had)
Sparta Nutrition
Muscle Sports International (Way too expensive for most to try)

Some other very good products:
Xtend Pro
Man Sports Iso-Protein
Nutrex Vegan
Dymatize Iso100

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Which ManSports? Most of the once I’ve tried from them have not been great.

Man Sports Iso-Protein their isolate line
You may be thinking of their “Clean Protein” which is their blend.

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I’ve had both, none of them that I would buy again. So wondering what flavor you thought was great

You get on the list when you have more than two flavors :fu:lol

Not a list I personally care about tbh

So I’m cool, but 2 new flavors in the works


I’ve considered ManSports Iso-Protein but have yet to pull the proverbial trigger…

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Fruity Rubbles
Cinnamon Cereal
Sprinkled Donut

I had a few friends get the lemon cake (newest) and they absolutely loved it. I am not a lemon fan, so I won’t be grabbing it

The next flavor of Proven Egg (Gaspari) Should be lights out. Once they get more flavors to expand off their initial 2 it will become a staple.

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I’m usually with you but Fruity Rubbles and Cinnamon Crunch are both bland to me. Been tough to get through the tubs for me.

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just my personal opinion… MAN kills it with the flavoring of ISO Aminos, Gameday, Pep Test, but I wasn’t a fan of any of the proteins I had, I am extremely picky though. (Full disclosure, I repped for MAN Sports for a short time).

The 1st new flavor of Proven Egg is fairly predictable, the one after that gonna be incredibly original

Where did I admit that it gave me stomach issues? Mike says that about any WPC, he’s just careful with Dairy

If you don’t like it, give us your top 5…But don’t say we got paid for this. We don’t even work with MTS or PES

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I’m excited for Uncle Richie’s peanut butter cups. Maybe it’ll appear in the next top 5 we do in the winter.

As I stated taste is subjective . I would still put ghost cinnamon cereal and Sparta Cinna Crunch above them in terms of flavor and XF 2.0 cinnamon roll.

Then again it’s harder to flavor an Isolate to a blend or a mixture like 2.0