BEST PROTEIN 2019: NutraBio Whey Isolate BREAKFAST Flavors!

These flavors are really exciting from NutraBio.

@Mike, I may have missed it in the video review here, but do you get any sort of dough/pastry type of flavor from these? I’m afraid of these being “just” another cinnamon, blueberry, and maple protein with pretty pictures on the tub, so I’m hesitant to order. Your video does get me hyped though!


@Kon_Rock, any input on my question? (I forget what other NB reps are here)

The temptation is so real, I’m just hoping there’s something more to the flavors that maybe Mike didn’t pick up on!

Hey sorry i didn’t see this and its just me here :slight_smile:

But to answer, there is zero doughy/pastry taste to any of these. These are unlike anything you have ever tried of could imagine. We out did it for sure!

No problem! Thanks for the quick response.

I was honestly hoping to hear that there is a dough or pastry type of “backend” to the flavors though.

Would you say there’s anything beyond the cinnamon, maple, or blueberry flavor to make it worthy of a flavor being called “cinnamon sugar doughnut” for example? As in is there anything doughnut about it?

I’m sure each flavor is amazing, but I’m just wondering if there’s more to them than simply being a really good cinnamon, maple, and blueberry, if that makes sense. I’m sure others are wondering the same, so I hope I’m not the only one being so curious! Oh and I’m not trying to be confrontational or anything, just very curious and hype to try one of these. :slight_smile:

The pictures on the tub do make these flavors enticing.


I see what you are asking now…ok this is gonna sounds simple but this is exactly what to expect.

Its like drinking a Cinnamon Sugar Donut, Pancakes & Maple Syrup and Blueberry Muffin. This is not just blueberry flavoring or etc. You will get all the senses of each flavor within each shake.

What you see is what you will be drinking, Our new flavorist knocked this out of the park for real.

You won’t be disappointed man :slight_smile:

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Sweeeet. Now that’s what I like the sounds of. I imagine you guys knocked it out of the park. I’ll be hitting up Natural Body tomorrow with an order. :smiley:

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Yeah man and they will concur the statements :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think!!!

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Made the order at Natural Body!

The 3 pack combo is a pretty good deal that I’m willing to try. Fingers crossed for greatness. :smiley:

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Yeah buddy, can’t wait to hear what you think :slight_smile:

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Really excited to try these. I’ll be having each in:

  • Water
  • Unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • Overnight oats (40g oats, 1 scoop protein, water to desired consistency, refrigerated overnight)
  • I’ll attempt other creative way(s) too :slight_smile:

I’ll be sure to post up my thoughts!


You got a plan man!!!

That sounds perfect, yeah I defiantly want to hear what you think.
My wife made pancakes with the Pancakes & Maple Syrup this morning…dang man so good :smiley:

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Is there a money back guarantee if we don’t like it ?

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Of course, we will always switch out the flavor for you…as long as it’s not all gone of course :wink:

But hit me up and I’ll help you out!

Thanks. When I get back in the gym, I will try either the pancake or the donut flavor.

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Sounds good, keep me updated :slight_smile:

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We should start posting our recipes that we create with these new flavors. Start a PP cookbook of sorts! I really don’t cook with Protein Powder much outside of Protein Balls, but will definitely try now and I like to see what other people do! Yummy!

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Check my Youtube

I have over 200+ Recipes man. Use em to your advantage.

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Ohhhh yeahhh!! Thanks bob!

Don’t sleep on the Matcha Latte either. I’m pleasantly surprised how good it is. This is the first isolate from NutraBio that I actually enjoy. Previously only MRP and Muscle Matrix were good enough for me to make multiple purchases.