BEST PROTEIN 2019: NutraBio Whey Isolate BREAKFAST Flavors!

BEST PROTEIN 2019: NutraBio Whey Isolate BREAKFAST Flavors!


@blongo804 would concur, but if you mix the pancake one with the right amount of heavy whipping cream and MCT for a ‘sludge’, it blends insanely well with the xanthan gum and becomes gummy to the point of doughy.

But I don’t really know what dough flavor is supposed to taste like in the first place so I’m the wrong one to ask


Agreed - It’s very unique for the right person. No basis for comparison but I’d like to try some others just to see now. When the flavor is an active ingredient with its own benefits, that’s a win.


Oh I agree, I really like this flavor. Its so uniquely good and beneficial! You gotta try out the New Flavors of our Isolate…you will AGAIN be pleasantly surprised :slight_smile:


Yeah, yesterday I mixed Cinnamon Sugar Donut in Cream of Rice…it was fantastic…like eating a cinnamon sugar donut, the cream of rice gave it a good consistency.


@Kon_Rock, just got my shipment of all 3 flavors in yesterday. Currently sipping the pancake one at 2 scoops with 8oz of 2% milk + maybe 2-4oz extra water. It’s really good. Texture wise it’s not thin, not thick. I don’t like too thin or thick, so it’s perfect for me. The maple is super dominant and there’s no real “after bite” of sort so you can hardly tell it’s a protein shake. The maple has a yummy, sweet syrup type taste and actually lingers a bit too. Really good!

I made overnight oats I’ll be eating soon (40g oats + 1 scoop Cinnamon Doughnut + water to texture). I usually love cinnamon protein + oats and have a current favorite protein for this, so we’ll see how this one matches up. :slight_smile:

My fiance is trying a scoop of Cinnamon Doughnut in 6oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk today too.


Love it buddy, yeah these flavors are so well done that they really are perfect. Like you said, no weird taste or after taste. Just good flavor and wouldn’t even know its a protein shake.

My wife love the cinnamon sugar donut :slight_smile:

Over the weekend I mixed Pancakes & Maple Syrup in Cream of Rice…ohhh that was amazing. As soon as the protein hit the warm rice the smell of pancakes just filled the room.

I’m really glad you guys are enjoying them, keep me updated :slight_smile:


Awesome. Keep us posted on the other two! You’re the man.


The cinnamon doughnut in cold overnight oats… That was really good! Wow… It’s hard to put into words how that tasted.

I’ll first say, I can’t imagine how good this is in warm oats or cream of rice as @Kon_Rock stated. That’s gotta be heavenly.

In the cold oats, it’s like eating a cinnamon sugar snack… Not like an obvious Cinnamon Toast Crunch ripoff, but like a genuine cinnamon sugar treat of some sort. Really good and on the same level as my other favorite cinnamon (Sparta Cinna Crunch), at least in oats. I loved Cinna Crunch in shake form too, so we’ll see how the NutraBio effort stacks against it.

Between the cinnamon doughnut and pancake & syrup flavor, I have to say both are very clear cut on what they’re going for flavor wise. One is clearly yummy cinnamon while the other is clearly maple syrup.


I really cannot wait for mine to arrive…I look forward to trying these things!


How does Cinnamon Donut compare to Cinna Crunch from Sparta?


So far I’d say they’re both fairly different. I can give a better comparison when I drink the Cinnamon Donut, but for now I’ll say…

Cinna Crunch - cinnamon roll type flavor, not so sugary sweet. I feel like I get a pastry flavor in the backend of this one. Like 80% cinnamon, 20% pastry? Maybe 70/30.

Cinnamon Donut - cinnamon sugar like flavor. Maybe like a churro? I pictured a churro when I was eating my oats, but that may be because I’ve been eating the cinnamon toast crunch churro cereal every morning lol. It’s tough to put a finger on this one just yet. Once I have a shake or two and another oatmeal or two with it, I might have a better idea. I do know it was good in oats!


I don’t get much of cinnamon roll or pastry when i use Cinna Crunch it tastes just like the milk from a bowl of CTC Cereal.

None the less any feedback is good!


It has arrived!!! In my haste and excitement I cracked open the Pancakes n Maple Syrup one. Did not smell like much on opening, very faint Maple Syrup smell. I am testing this purely with just water and 1 scoop! Dear god, this is delicious. You guys nailed it, it really does taste like pancakes n syrup! I took one sip, enjoyed it then just literally downed the rest! Nice job!

Usually before my 6am workouts I drink a protein shake. I am thinking tomorrow maybe eat some overnight oats prior to instead…with either Cinnamon Donut or Blueberry Muffin, anyone got a quick n easy recipe?



That’s what I wanna hear buddy​:muscle::muscle:! These flavors are seriously top notch, I can’t even believe it.

I glad you enjoy it man, let me know how it goes with oats​:pancakes::pancakes::pancakes:

And I did a scoop of Cinnamon Sugar Donut in cream of rice…dang that was perfect!


Got another 200 recipes on my youtube.

Toss me a suscribe

More Oat videos for ya


I will either try the pancakes n’ syrup or the cinnamon donut flavor. I can’t make up mind. What do you all recommend ?
I will keep it sealed until I start training again.


That’s a tough one, Mark Glazier’s favorite is Pancakes and Maple Syrup…but I like both…hope that helps :laughing:


Eh, it’s way too thick to taste like milk after cereal to me. All taste buds are different though. Either way, both are good!


Use more water/liquid and it will make it taste just like that. Sparta is more of a blend compared to a WPI (Nutrabio) hence why its so thick. Just add more liquid = easy solution


I just tried the Cinnamon Sugar Donut one in oatmeal this morning and in water this afternoon. I did not really care for it in Oatmeal. The pancakes knocked my socks off, the Donut was just okay to me in water. Don’t get me wrong, it is good, but it did not get me super excited like the pancakes did.

I’ll probably try the Donut one in milk next!