BEST PROTEIN 2018 | Spartan Whey Review

BEST PROTEIN 2018 | Spartan Whey Review

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Sounds great…But I agree…2 LB tubs is the key. Allows you to change up flavors…


I want to try this so bad. Trying to hold out till there’s a quality deal on it.


Has anyone tried both Patriot’s Whey and Spartan Whey? If so which did you prefer? I’m almost finished with my 3rd tub of Patriot’s Whey which is my favorite protein to date, but with all the hype Spartan Whey has been getting I’m really interested to see if it can top it.

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I’m pretty sure that Patriots Whey spied on Spartan Whey and thus the reason it’s so similar…

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Patriot Whey came out before Spartan Whey


I think you missed the joke…but this kinda kills my joke…


Ah man. I’m sorry. : (


Eh it’s ok…it was my bad attempt at a joke.

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I respect the attempt, but it fell on its face faster than me on Halloween of 2015 hammered drunk with my now Ex in a hotel room…:sweat_smile:

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I tried Smores flavor of Patriot’s Whey. I wasn’t impressed. The chocolate flavor was bad. The marshmallows were good but that was it. Will not buy again.

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I couldn’t have stated it any better…

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This is the most enjoyable protein I’ve ever drank. Can’t imagine how good their next flavors will be.

Everyone do yourself a favor, and mix this with almond or cashew milk instead of water!


I haven’t tried that flavor but I’ve had both the Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch and really enjoyed them both

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I personally loved patriots smores , have not had the cinnamon or any other flavors .

Now I know you really can’t compare ghost blueberry to Sparta due to the pop tart mix ins , but how does it compare to iforce or gaspari blueberry? I found iforce to be blueberry dominant while gaspari was muffin dominant. MTS was an ok blueberry muffin that had equal ratios but personally not a top tier choice when I look for a blueberry protein.

I would consider Sparta but I absolutely love ghost blueberry toaster pastry and have 0 issues spending the money for it cause it’s top tier and one of my all time favorites

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I haven’t had Ghost Blueberry Toaster (so take this with a grain of salt), but I did like Gaspari’s Blueberry Muffin Precision Protein - A LOT! It was prob my favorite new protein of 2017.

Being said (no offense to Gaspari) I think the overall consistency, taste and texture of Sparta Blueberry Muffin is superior. It’s a blend, so it’s easier to make a creamier and thicker consistency. Gaspari is a pure hydrolyzed protein and has a thinner consistency.

@TheSolution you know it goes, pros and cons to different types of proteins. Pros for Sparta is that it replicates a more desert-like experience than an isolate protein, because the isolate is generally thinner. Cons, is that it isn’t a true whey - it’s a blend with 6g of casein.

I use isolates postworkout and Sparta for my midnight protein shake. : )


You need to treat yourself to a blueberry toaster pastry tub. The large chunks of poptart pieces are epic, and its nailed to perfection with flavor IMO.

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I got a tub of Loopy Fruits and have had a few servings of it now. It is really solid, but imo Patriot’s Whey is still better (given I’ve only tried 1 flavor of Spartan Whey and have had 2 of Patriot’s Whey). I kind of wish I would have went with the CNC flavor since there since everyone seems to agree that it is the best CNC on the market. Don’t get me wrong though, I won’t have any problem going through this tub.


Have you ever had Beverly’s Cookies and Cream? That and MTS are prob my top 2


I have not and I’ve only had the vanilla ice cream flavor of MTS. The most recent CNC I had was from PES which a lot of people seem to love, but it was nothing to write home about imo.

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