BEST Pre Workout Supplements of 2019 - Top 5 MAINSTREAM Pre's

BEST Pre Workout Supplements of 2019 - Top 5 MAINSTREAM Pre's


Hopefully this list is as exciting and comprehensive as the ones Fitness Deal News puts out :thinking::thinking:


This is a really good video…really good.

One other random thought…

I admittedly ‘forget’ about NB Pre-Extreme…and only because I grab my SuperCarb or Karbolyn or Carb10 or Carb51 and add it to my Pre…and then mix in my VasoBlitz/HighVolume/GhostPump…and forget of course that NutraBio includes all of those ingredients…Put me in the too easily distracted category.

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And contains no L-Norvaline :upside_down_face:

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See I ‘forgot’ to mention that

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2 of those brands i do not consider mainstream… a top 5 without c4 ultimate or even better c4 ultimate power (i checked both can be had a GNC) , is just wrong imo

are all 5 paid sponsors of PricePlow (i didn’t watch the video, fast forwarded to the list)?

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Interesting top 5 here…

I believe they are listed as Ben’s current top 5.

For sure to offend many…

Keeping in mind that @Extrabeef doesn’t like high stims…and I’m in the same boat.

Doesn’t like high stim…

Nutrex Outlift 350 mg of caffeine
Nutrabio Pre 350 mg of caffeine

Math checks out :slight_smile:

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He did state 350 was his max…

I really wonder if you watch the video sometimes… then again you don’t like to read, so that makes sense

He said “350mg is his SWEET SPOT”

Sweet Spot vs. Max…I didn’t study the video…just watched it…

Now personally if I’m going with 350 MG…

Legion Pulse
C4 Ultimate

But everyone is different…and a lot of it depends on if you eat prior to a workout. Personally I do and have coffee sooo…I have to watch how much I ingest or I’ll be posting a lot more than I have today.

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Sweet spot especially with di-caffeine malate included*

These are my top mainstream PREs for being 1 scoop wonders. Each one is an awesome option! It was hard to pick an order here.

You don’t have to study a video to listen to the audio and what they say
Maybe you need to take it easy on the L-Norvaline you are losing brain cells quickly :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m officially blaming the L-Norvaline intake on my lack of attention to detail…I’m slowly losing my ‘Legend’ status…

Side note: Prolific = really good stuff. Prolific with VasoBlitz…? Dear God

NutraBolt is also a paid sponsor for us with ongoing business, and I’ve said to them that as they stand their products are not in my top 5. That’s not to be said that they won’t be making a product that can’t fit into the top 5 though…

Mainstream in this case means compliant…not able to be found at GNC.

Can someone check the transcript please?

So you would choose Pre-Kaged over C4 Ultimate?

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