BCAA's = Money Wasted

BCAA's = Money Wasted


I have to again give Jerry Ward props on this latest video about BCAA’s. He and I have agreed on this that BCAA supplements are a waste of money. Expensive flavored water that can actually hinder a weight loss plan and they DO NOT BUILD MUSCLE. I just wanted to share this recent video he made.


“BCAA are bullshit” yet almost every EAA product’s formula is heavily weighted towards those three aminos.

Personally I wish this argument would just die. Free form aminos are going to make little difference in the overall outcome of more than 90% of people’s fitness journey. Drink whatever you enjoy and can find the best deal on.


I agree but unfortunately companies continue to produce BCAA products but now they just, make new flavors, add stimulants or focus ingredients to them to try and make them more appealing. But then again, I believe these companies are preying on the uneducated or “fad” users of these supplements. They have made their millions and took all our money so I think the party needs to end and quit duping people. :slight_smile:


That’s the great thing about the free market. No company has forced us to purchase their products; nor will they ever be able to. Every dollar spent by the consumer on a BCAA product or any supplement was done at the person’s own free will. “Took all our money”, not really. We happily gave it to them in exchange for a product we wanted.


Yeah, it’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine at this point, people acting like an extra 1.1 combined grams of other EEAs is gonna make some distinguishable difference.


And some EAA products contain even less than that. Look at EAA Max by Primeval Labs, 5g of BCAAs and less than 900mg of the other six.


I agree. Personally, I don’t buy BCAA’s or EAA’s. I don’t feel they are necessary at all. I get enough protein from food and my post workout shake, I don’t need to spend money on these products.


I kind of disagree, they really did take our money so to speak. There are 2 options here… 1st option: the companies ignored the scientific fact that 3 amino acids CANNOT build muscle and lied to us by saying they did. 2nd option, is they honestly didn’t know this fact and I am not buying the 2nd option. It’s hard to believe a company in this business would be that ignorant when it comes to building muscle, nutrition, and training.


From my perspective, the people who seem OUTRAGED that BCAAs may not provide the effects initially claimed are those who took them thinking it was a shortcut to results. They expected a 50% boost in results but actual increase may be only 1% and now they are looking for someone to blame instead of themselves.

In and out of the supplement industry, I expect companies to lie or exaggerate information to make their products look better. Ignorance is no excuse for wasting money, especially when we have Google at our fingertips almost 24/7.


OH yeah. It’s nothing new. Companies in many different niches all do it. Exaggerate claims, etc.


I agree that the claims are BS. I’ve said it before, but BCAA supplementation is only necessary if someone doesn’t eat foods with ample amount of them (think vegans, or people who only get protein from greens, etc…).

Again, if buying a BCAA/EAA product gets someone excited to go workout and stick to a “plan” or lifestyle, then the psychological benefits make it worth the price.

When I first started my fitness journey, half the fun was going to GNC or bodybuilding.com and buying supps. I knew I wasn’t going to look like Steve Cook overnight, but it was a great motivator.

These are the reasons I support amino acid supplementation, although it is not physiologically necessary. I do enjoy drinking great-tasting BCAAs/EAAs over water, when I’m in the offseason. : )


I’ll have to watch the video…But have always used BCAA/EAA intra-workout for flavor…I use Carbs as well. And could not agree with Matt more about the psychological aspects of it. I’m pushing 50 and I get that BCAA/EAA/NCAA isn’t going to make me bigger/faster/stronger…I honestly just enjoy the taste…

And as someone that is ‘getting up there in age’ and traveling with a family etc…I’m obviously looking for any ‘edge’ I can get…Do I recover better? Eh it depends on the day really and so many factors…

All that said, this is a great discussion…I enjoy it.


Ok watched the video…so it sounds like EAA’s are the way to go…which has been discussed…Dr. Serrano has been talking about this forever…ControlledLabs as well…Interesting stuff though.


They are. I drink Powerade Zero during my workout. If I want flavored water, I will buy flavor drops to add to bottled water. Much cheaper, zero carbs, zero sugar, zero calories and tastes good too.


Countdown to Marc Lobliner’s response video in 3…2…1…


Right…LOL I love Marc but he will have to finally admit the facts sometime soon.


I’m actually surprised that he hasn’t introduced an EAA supplement yet…


His wagon is firmly secured to the BCAA horse.

It would speak volumes if he sealed his pride and admitted that the data is what it is.


Well and with Scivation Xtend and now his Machine Fuel …he’s making money off it…so who can blame him


Not sure if this belongs here but enjoy fella’s…