Axis Labs "Get to Know Ya'll" Promo Thread

Axis Labs "Get to Know Ya'll" Promo Thread

I am privileged to be here representing Axis Labs and would like to give away a tub of Muscle Delight and a tub of Rainmaker (flavor of your choice). So, I figured the best way to start this off was to get to know everyone.

So, everyone is welcome to get in on this promo, I just need to know if you’re IN or IN4SUPPORT. If you’re IN4SUPPORT I still would like you to participate so we can get a little background on everyone. I know there’s a grey area with other reps and that is cool.

Ok, so this will be a two part entry…(I’ll go first)

Part 1: A short paragraph about yourself, share as much or as little as you’d like.

Part 2: What is your current training and nutrition program

Well, my name is Jeff (age 41) and I have been married for 18 years and my wife and I have 5 children (ages 20G, 18B, 15B, 14G and 12G). We have 2 mini Dachshunds that are absolutely spoiled, a short haired Chocolate/Tan boy named Stewart (after Tony Stewart) and a long haired piebald boy named Rusty (after Rusty Wallace). Life is pretty busy as our 2 youngest girls do JH/HS cheer and competition cheerleading and the wife and I both work full time jobs Monday thru Friday. I am a recovering addict and just celebrated 3 years clean on December 30th 2017. Been training off and on since HS but major back surgery in 2013 derailed me, had artificial discs put in L4-L5-S1 and a LANX clamp fusion at that time. Back has been perfect since then.

Training right now is PPL 4 days a week that contain 2 push days. Nutrition is in cut mode right now after I finished a 14 month bulk in which I put on 22 pounds (was right on the mark).


My name is Ty I’m a 19 year old college student on my way to becoming a pharmaceutical sales rep.

Not sure if anyone has read anything by Mike Matthews but I’m currently following his bigger leaner stronger program and I absolutely love it. I never have had someone to show me the ropes in the gym so this has just been trial and error for me. I did some of the high volume workouts for awhile and they were decent but when I started with this current program last summer my strength went up trenoundously in a short period of time. All due to simply emphasizing progressive overload which is obviously a basic concept but like I said it’s trial and error when you don’t have experience in the gym and someone to show you what to do and what not to do. Nutrition is your basic bro bulk right now nothing crazy or unique.

I have to say the packaging on those products are awesome. I’ve never had much knowledge of Axis Labs but you guys seem like a legit quality company!

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I’m in.

Hello, my name is chris, I am a male CNA doing some college and trying to find work(the town I currently live in is dead, spent two months with a job coach and couldn’t even find a place to do a work assessment)
I enjoy learning about how things are designed, pharmacology, health and drawing, I have a girlfriend in a different state who I am going to see in a month, we just had our two year anniversary, she drew my profile picture.
I also have a dark sense of humor and am trying to decide if I want to make the joke I’m thinking of for @chaoticlabz

My current goals are to lose weight and hopefully gain a bit of muscle before I go to visit my dad and brother, working on writing a log for that but I am a perfectionist and its not quite getting done to my standard. Currently messing around with blood flow restriction training.

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I just noticed that’s French toast flavor…


Totally in on this one! Rainmaker looks like it’d be a good time and both flavors sound tasty. :smiley:

Part 1: A short paragraph about yourself, share as much or as little as you’d like.

I’m a 25 year old college grad working full-time at a local, small SAAS company who builds websites and handles Internet marketing mostly for small automotive shops. I’m technically a “data analyst” but currently trying to work my way up into a higher position. Fortunately I was offered my position after having a successful internship that ended right when I graduated - very grateful for that.

I am engaged to a wonderful lady, Brittney, who I’ve been together with for nearly 8 years (just a few weeks away!). We are currently planning our wedding, aiming for a fall of 2019 date. It’ll be almost two years since we’ve been engaged, but the whole first 1-1.5 years we really slacked on sealing the deal because we’re both in no rush and know we’re not going anywhere. Weddings are also insanely expensive and between that and other bills (student loans mostly…ugh…), it’s really hard to save up for a proper wedding. We’re on the hunt now because we both want to get our lives moving along, start a family, move to a better location, buy a house, etc etc. Very excited for our future!!

My fiance and I both have a love for training which is awesome. When we met in our junior year in high school, we ended up eventually going to…Planet Fitness…Together and learning proper training/nutrition from each other along the way. Finally when another commercial gym opened locally (Crunch), we decided to finally take things up a notch and really nail down diet and nutrition, which I will explain below.

Part 2: What is your current training and nutrition program

Currently I’m eating in a caloric surplus, looking to put on some lean mass, and doing a program called Fierce 5, but the “Upper/Lower” split version. It’s a 4-day split set as:

M - Upper
Tues - Lower
Weds - Off
Thursday - Upper
Friday - Lower
Weekend - Off

After a week, you do all the same lifts the following week but add a rep to each set, so instead of 3x5 Bench, do 3x6 Bench. After that week is complete, as long as it went well, the following week you add 5lbs to upper body lifts, and 10lbs to lower body. Along with the progressive overload training, I am also eating to accommodate the progressive weight increases. I currently follow my own “IIFYM” flexible diet that i’ve perfected over the last year. I eventually found my maintenance, around 2400 calories so when I started Fierce 5 U/L, I started at 2700 calories. I’m now up to 3000 calories after needing to bump them up a bit throughout the program (about 10 weeks in). My lifts aren’t the best, but I’ve truly been legitimately lifting for a little over a year.

Bench - 185
Squat - 295
Deadlift - 405

In my time with Fierce 5, I’ve put on around 8lbs while keeping my waist identical to the size it was pre-program.

That’s about all I’ve got. Best of luck to everyone!


I’m Anthony, 18 years old and a senior in High School. I reside in Pennsylvania and I’ve been lifting for about a year and a half.

-Strict clean eating, 2000+ calories a day, 150g protein, fill in the rest with whatever I want that is good, wholesome calories. Clean mini-bulk
-Training is every day, here’s the split
S: Legs, hamstring emphasis
M: International chest day of course
T: Arms
W: Back/shoulders
Th: Legs, quadriceps emphasis
F: Chest
S: Back/Shoulders


Welp I could just copy paste half of your post. Same current training regiment. @customshopkv1 appreciate the promo, got to many suppz right now to do you guys justice. Hope you do another one next month :fist:


Well this is a nice way to say “hello”! Welcome, Axis Labs!

My name is Jeremy (bet you didn’t see that coming), 25 years old, pretty boring life. My new job is 12 hour shifts, I’m on the night one, so I’m there 6pm to 6 am. When you factor in drive time, showering when I get home, and sleeping, I end up with about a 3 hour window in which I’m home and conscious. During that time, I split my attention between working out, hanging with the baby (about 1 and a half years old now), and getting ready for work. Due to the 12 hour shifts, they have us work 3 days one week, 4 the next. But I’ve been doing extra overtime and usually put in 5-6 days a week.

As far as routine, diet is based on convenience. I take frozen cheeseburgers from Costco to eat on short breaks, and I typically stir fry something for lunch (and for my woman’s dinner). I just get some kind of meat, usually chicken or sirloin, throw it in a pan with some frozen veggies and some rice on the side. Training is every day, not necessarily because I think I need to, but mostly because it’s just part of my waking up routine. I love pumping iron and feel so much better throughout the day when I lift. I don’t really follow a routine, just lift heavy rotating between chest/biceps, back/shoulders/calves, and legs/arms.


In On This
Either one looks appealing to me !

Ok here goes 53 year old Deputy K9 Handler work 8 hour shifts and rotate weekly. Have 4 kiddos 3 boys and 1 girl oldest is my Daughter at 29 1st son 26 2nd son 24 3rd son 11 married for 30 years now amazingly she hasn’t killed me yet. My oldest boy keeps me going by the ever endless supply of workouts he keeps sending me.he’s also my favorite workout partner when he’s home. 2nd son is a certified personal trainer so we keep it in the family. Been lifting most of my life but got serious in 2011 after an on duty injury and several months of rehab, started studying supplements and started lifting daily to prevent another injury.

Training and Nutrition
Right now doing the AR-7 routine oldest son challenged me to it so here i am in the 5th week so far and enjoying it I guess ? If you don’t know what it is look it up it’s out there. lift 5 days a week and suppossed to be off 2 but doing cardio on 1 of them I also into running 5K obsatacle races and this year going for a couple of swim and sprints 150 meters in the pool followed by a 5K. just to see if I can do it. Nutrition is left to my wife she makes sure and feeds me the good stuff to keep me going and growing.


Did someone say French Toast? I’m in!

I’m 31 years old, been married 7 years with two kids. I was active duty in the Air Force for 8 years and now I’m a stay at home mom while my kids are young. Been an athlete my whole life but just started getting serious into weight lifting within the past year. Love coming on here and learning more and more every day. I have a restored 1970 Mach 1 and a 1977 F150. Currently looking for an early '60s Falcon for gasser drag racing. I ride dirt bikes and I’m a frequent runner/cyclist.

My training right now is weight lifting Thursday-Sunday, Tuesday- Monday’s and Wednesday’s for rest. Nothing too crazy, mostly an hour of normal lifting routines followed by 30 min of cardio.

Thanks for the oppurtunity!


Ive tried it, it’s delicious :yum:


It is for sure

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When shall winners be announced?


in… (added more periods to meet the 10 character limit)


I’m thinking Monday morning


IN 4 SUPPORT, you already know


Kudos for taking initiatives here @customshopkv1



In for support. I need to try this.


Awesome opportunity here.