Anyone try this-CLEAR MUSCLE NEXT GEN? What's your take

Honestly, it’s just HMB and Betaine.

I think HMB is helpful for recovery in over-trained athletes. When I was doing HIIT 5xs a week while in a calorie deficit, I found HMB to work better than I thought it would to help recovery.

For this price though? Just buy HMB and bulk betaine.


Exactly what Matt said


HMB is a good supplement for intense training, but free acid is not worth the premium over normal HMB.

Go for normal HMB and vitamin D.

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Thanks Guys.

I somehow got my hands on some for cheap, anyone know if this will mix badly with caffeine ?

I don’t see any reason it would.

It doesn’t contain stimulants or any ingredient that would conflict with caffeine.

Do you know any good quality HMB in bulk? I don’t want to buy crap.

Any good recommendation on brands, brands that properly dose.

What about What is MOAB? – REDCON1

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There we go!

Thanks Dave.

I have tried MOAB in the past and you will get some effect from it, but damn it tasted horrible. I know it is a little different but I prefer Ghost Size over MOAB, mostly because I go for the Epicatechin as I respond very well to it, but yeah MOAB is not a bad option if you don’t care about taste lol!

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Hmmm. Yeah thanks for the heads up. I’m down for anyone’s recommendations.

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If taste is a concern, there’s Genius Muscle (Genius Muscle – The Genius Brand)

HMB + Peak02 + PA + Vitamin D


MOAB tasted sooooo bad. Had two flavors to confirm it wasn’t just the original greave flavor I had.

Good label for a creatine product. I really enjoy taking creatine with nitrosigine or agmatine sulfate.

I had great experiences with InnoSupps creatine, Max Strength. Not promoting it - but I got some sick and full pumps, when I took it pre.

I would get a bulk powder, nutracost has one for a pretty good price on amazon

I did a quick flavor test, my suggestion is to dilute it down, it taste bad as a powder, but the flavor isn’t very strong in a drink.

Funny you mention this (well obviously). When I return home next week I’ll be starting a run of this. First time running PA so kind of curious


So, if you just gulp it, it tastes bad, but mixed it’s ok?
And this will help with my soreness? When I first opened this thread, I was using that clear muscle next gen, and it really made my soreness a non issue. That’s what I’m hoping for any of the suggested products.