ANOTHER Way to get a FREE Sample of NutraBio's Blue Razz PRE

ANOTHER Way to get a FREE Sample of NutraBio's Blue Razz PRE

February’s turning out to be pretty good!

We already have the blog-based free sampler discussed here.

But now you can order one directly from NutraBio themselves, using our coupon code to drop the price to on the house!

Just snag the coupon code here, follow the link (landing here), use it at checkout, and you’ve got yourself a free sample coming straight out of @ExtraBeef’s salary! :wink:

Enjoy the takeover!

Free Samples of NutraBio's New Blue Razz Pre Workout via PricePlow!
FREE Pre Workout From NutraBio!

Take advantage of this guys :smile:

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Yes, I’m donating my salary in samples for the consumers! That’s how badly I want to spread this brand!


Want to make sure I am doing this correctly, is S/H $3 for 1 sample?


Shipping showed up as free for me with the code


I am getting $3.50 for shipping with the coupon added


You guys need to put on your glasses lol. It says $3.50, but doesn’t apply it.


Oooh I see finally, that’s kind of a UI bug of sorts???

THat’s probably scared off more than one person, so I’ll hit the team up over it. Maybe they can make no shipping stuff show up if there’s none needed. If you just hit continue, it doesn’t add a charge.

Thanks @Msseffect! You’re next on my gift list


Everyone take another look. The process has been greatly simplified on their website!


One of my favorite words!


^^^ This video’s getting a lot of views already… Does NutraBio have enough samples to face the hungry YouTubers out there?!


Well way to go guys :smiley:

Gonna have to make it happen now!!!

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We have so many of these I’ll be impressed if you guys can make a dent.

I have to tell you though, the customer service department is not very happy with priceplow right now! lmao