ANOTHER Arecoline sighting

ANOTHER Arecoline sighting

This is starting to make me a little angry. It is 2018-01-14 and and the Amped-AF product states Arecoline Hydrobromide on their label as a part of their One3 ingredient. This has to stop. The stimulant effects from Arecoline are not worth the cancer risks.

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I thought this stimulant was all but condemned by the majority? Why are companies using this? I honestly never felt this ingredient was anything special from the get-go. I can’t recall ever feeling anything other than the caffeine in formulas containing this


Ah shit, I just bought this stuff too


Complain to the place that sold it to you, over the phone if you can, chances are they will do something.


Not about me buying the product it is about protecting people from making the mistake of ingesting this product. @Christianmelon


I was talking to @Anthony but it doesn’t show it as a reply unless you quote or mention them specifically it seems


I too just learned of the tagging phenomena in my last reply to you. @Christianmelon


Thanks for the updates. Of course it’s buried in a prop blend too.

Time to update our article, looks like there’s a new ingredient, One3².


Which is deceiving too…given it used to be DMAA in the formula, hence the name of that ingredient


Just spoke with customer support, all they had to say was don’t buy it if you’re concerned about your health. What a joke


Did you buy it from the company or a different website? If the later please let me know which one so I can add it to my ever growing list of blacklisted websites.

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Straight from the company


That small amount in one container isn’t going to do anything. Use it, don’t buy it again.


Had to lol @ this

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Obviously you haven’t read the studies priceplow listed @Adidasshorts


That comment was in relation to Anthony buying one container however since you mentioned studies, I have studied it extensively. I stand by my comment. It’s one container. It’s not going to do much of anything.

#17 @Adidasshorts


I have read that before, nothing new. I am not defending the compound by any means. It should not be in pre workouts however if someone has one single container and can’t get a return, fine use it. The little amount ingested isn’t going to do anything related to what it could cause with long term usage.


So, I may have just done something that is probably getting me on their shit list. I will post the transcript when I get it.


OHHHHHHHHHHH 0_______0 I’m curious to know what the transcript say!

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