Animal Snak Bars Variety Pack $6.00

Animal Snak Bars Variety Pack $6.00


Not sure if this is a price mistake, but 6 bars for $6.00 . These are delicious btw


Seems legit. Just gotta add in $4.95 for shipping.


Not a pricing error. Eric Schwartz who works for the company stated they are lowering the prices so people try the bars.


These are probably my top favorite bar! Of macros and calories weren’t an issue, these would be the only bars I would need.

MRE bars would be a very close second. : )


My boss is getting into protein bars, and I got him hooked on these. I just sent him the link, and he immediately bought 4 boxes. Thanks for posting this!

MRE Blueberry is still my #1 (ignoring cost, of course). But I have only tried the Oatmeal Raisin Animal Snak. Even though I don’t normally like oatmeal/raisin foods, I still ranked it as my second favorite bar (I couldn’t believe it). I can only imagine how good the other flavors are…I would expect them to knock the MRE off the #1 slot on my list


That’s awesome, I’ve only had two of these, so looking forward to trying the rest.

Weird, I got free shipping with my order. Maybe cause I ordered more than one box?


Big difference between the protein sources in these and the MRE bars. :slightly_smiling_face:


For sure. Texture and taste have a big role in my preferred protein bar, for any given day. Crunchy and crispy? MRE bar is the ticket. : )

Want something that tastes bomb? Ronnie Coleman King Crunch. : )


If you think Oatmeal Raising was good, The PB Honey Oats and Double Chocolate Brownie bars off Animal Snak are $$.

You are in for a treat.


Fuck protein sources those MRE are so good I don’t care that it has low amounts of the essential aminos I love the taste! (Not really blueberry tastes like ass)


Amen brother. @Mike liked blueberry but it’s my least favorite. Team chocolate coating!


Oh man the blueberry cobbler MRE is SO good.

I just bought a bunch of variety packs but I’ll grab some more of these, just, y’know, for fun.


Has Redcon1 ever released the amino profile for these bars?


No however I asked an online rep once and they pretty much said it’s almost all beef and low leucine.

Translated, those bars even if they’re tasty will have minimal impact on muscle protein synthesis.


In other words, drink an EAA or BCAA product with an MRE bar, if it’s a meal replacement.


Great deal, especially if you buy a few boxes as shipping stays at $4.95. I got 24 bars coming for $28.95. Thanks for the heads up.


If you eat enough protein I doubt it makes a big difference anyway with those MRE bars. If you’re relying on protein bars, you suck at eating.


I have to disagree with you, here. If someone utilizes a protein bar, it doesn’t equate to them “sucking at eating.”

Protein bars are great for some people. If you have family, work 50+ hours, make time for the gym, then saving a few minutes of time with a protein bar is a great alternative. I love being able to use a protein bar if I’m short on time. Two jobs, law school, 2 hours of a round commute every day and 2 hours for cardio/training… Time is a valuable asset and protein bars can allow people to save time.


Agree with Matt. On sale and/or in bulk, they’re also a very cheap meal replacement–60¢ for 25g protein and 300 calories is insane for the students on a budget.


Protein bars are a daily staple for me, whether an Animal Snak bar or regular 2xx calorie, 2xg protein bar. The convenience is unmatched and I still have plenty of “real” food daily. With that said, this is a great deal on Snak bars that I should probably hop on.