Animal Pump Reformulation

Animal Pump Reformulation

What would you put in the new powder version of Animal Pump?

Feel free to share your suggestions on any ingredients you’d like to see the brand include in its new Animal Pump in the comments below

My suggestions:

300mg Vaso-6
6g L-Citrulline
2g Taurine
1.5g Arginine Nitrate
250mg Vitamin C
2.5g Betaine
2g Calcium Lactate

Glacier Grape
Orange Creamsicle
Granny Sour Apple
Rainbow Sherbet
White Cherry Limeade

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I like this idea, but I’ve talked to Matt (Vaso 6) quite a bit and he said that it’s actually pretty redundant to add in citrulline when Vaso-6 by itself is far better. It just drives up the cost. Agmatine is great and so is everything else, but with the Nitrates and Vaso, do we really need citrulline?


To you maybe but to me I feel a difference. I’ve taken citrulline and Vaso 6 together and had fantastic results . When I take just citrulline as a stand-alone or vaso6 as a stand alone there is a difference in my Muscle hardness and pumps During training with all other factors consistent (pre workout carbs, meal, timing etc)

I don’t deviate many factors on a day to day basis so I know when I include of exclude and ingredient How I respond. This allows me to know when I stock products compared to using them solo the difference in my training it provides.

I have played with 150mg and 300mg Vaso 6
2-4-6g of l-citrulline in multiple situations and conditions

Just from my personal experience is why I simply choose to do so.


So it’s VasoBLITZ plus Vaso-6 and Taurine.

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Here’s my “non-amino” cocktail:

  • Potassium nitrate
  • VASO-6
  • Agmatine
  • Vitamin C

This wouldn’t really be an “Animal Pump” kind of product though.


The problem I have with agmatine is if a company wants to take their products overseas there is issues with customs . Which would mean a reformulation or a different formula for international customers

Good example is re1gn or i am supremeBlack magic edition


Ha basically what I was thinking


Vaso-6 (300mg or higher)
More nitrates


I like the sound of that. May be a tad expensive. Why the Shilajit?


L-Arginine-1.75 grams
Beet Root extract-500mg

Beat that


Sounds like a BPI product…


Wrong… it would have been in a 1.1 gram prop blend

In all seriousness, I could see Animal doing something like:

Citrulline: 3g
Vaso6: 150mg
Random test boosting herb

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Porn…better blood flow


It’s another adaptogen we need to further research. With a high enough FA content that is. Anecdotal evidence is too strong not to.

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Because shilajit is nice and also because Universal likes putting "testosterone boosting complex"es in everything.

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International is definitely a consideration for us as we do a lot of business overseas. One option is to have two versions, one for domestic and one for international. Not ideal but since we are the manufacturer we can pull it off.

We appreciate all the suggestions guys. We have a formula in mind that we are going to start testing out but I am going to forward all these suggestions to the company.

What flavors would you guys like to see?

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Glacier Grape
Orange Creamsicle
Granny Sour Apple
Rainbow Sherbet
White Cherry Limeade

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Is there research suggesting benefits with acute use, or mostly/only with daily use?


Anything other than another blue razz…for the love of god, let that flavor die. Orange sherbet, rainbow sherbet, or something like a skittles


Grape and Orange as @TheSolution suggested

Lemon Lime
Sour Gummy Bear/Worm

Been enjoying those flavors a lot lately!