Androgen RECEPTOR Content, not Hormones, Linked to Gains

Androgen RECEPTOR Content, not Hormones, Linked to Gains

Starting to realize that Stuart M. Phillips’ research is awesome

LCLT improves Androgen Receptor content… what else…


Cool article, good read. Interesting bit between the differences of high-repetition vs. low-repetition RET. Also makes me pissed that we discontinued our LCLT product, Carnipure


Stuart Philips has some of the most unbiased and accurate research around. He hit the nail on Bcaas before everyone else.


Can I get a TL;DR

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Tons of studies have shown crazy amounts of variation in hypertrophy across a group of athletes eating and training similarly. Why? Many would at first guess circulating hormone levels like testosterone.

Turns out that’s not the case.

The biggest difference between trained athletes who make gains vs. those who don’t over a course of time with as many things equal as possible is actually the androgen receptor content. That’s where there’s a linear relationship.

After all, how much T you have floating around doesn’t mean squat if there’s nothing for it to bind to in order to kick off MPS.

And if you blockade an animal’s androgen receptors, their gains go to nil (as shown in past studies), so it makes sense.

Now think about how this can be used by an unscrupulous researcher…


I read this piece last week but I didn’t tie the relevant supplements to that right away…

So is the translation to stock up on carnitine? I still keep some AI Sports LCLT in the pantry.


Yep, get some bulk carnitine.

I would suggest ALCAR, but the study showing it increase androgen receptor density was done on LCLT.(both should work but I don’t know for sure)

Also take carnitine with something that spikes insulin, like a soda or energy drink.

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How many grams per serving would you suggest?


2 grams is what the study used, and its the common dose, so likely that.


I’m just about to mix a new batch of my daily stack, and I might now have to include some LCLT. Some questions:

  • Should I split it morning/afternoon 1 g per dose (my preferred method)? Or take all 2 g immediately before/after a workout? Or does it matter :laughing:?
  • Bulksupplements has what they call “L-Carnitine L-Tartrate” which appears to be simply a mix of L-Carnitine and Tartaric Acid at a 2.125:1 ratio. Is that the same thing?

EDIT: Looks like it’s pretty unanimous that you gotta take it with a healthy dose of carbs, which ain’t gonna happen on keto. Plus it seems the main mechanism is to help the body burn fat for fuel, so fat-burning adapted folks probably won’t see any benefit taking LCLT.

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From what I believe… When isn’t as important as what you’re taking it with. I take my bulk carnitine with an insulin spiking meal. But my current preworkout (Scivation quake) has 1.5g of LCLT per 2 scoops. As long as you’re not taking it at some random time between meals, I think you’re good. Anyone more versed please correct me here.

I go with no less than 1g, no more than 2g at a time.

The bulksupplements product is the correct one. I’m gonna order that one once I’m out of my current bulk batch from AI Sports.

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Couldn’t we just take SARMs? ; )

Where is @Brawn when you need him.

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Take it with a whey isolate if not carbs. It will spike insulin as well.

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You can take it without carbs but its much better with insulin, take it preworkout with a few grams of sugar maybe, or whatever meal has carbs. Ideally one that is lower protein since I recall protein does slightly compete for absorption.

I think it would actuly be more beneficial to people on keto, since it is helping the body use the fat(transporting it into the cells).

It seems to be LCLT with the label listing it really strangely, so yes.


LOL, my thinking was exactly the opposite since the mitochondria would already be fat-adapted. Then I guess I could help more or less depending on how far along folks are or whatever. Who knows. Someone run a study dammit!

I think I’m going to hold off for now…maybe wait for more research. My stack is already pretty full of stuff that may or may not work :laughing: